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led emitter metal strip

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led emitter metal strip Customers Reviews

  • Not Bad

    posted by jasonlepak

    The light is very bright and very low cost compared to what you'd find trying to buy something like this in the states.Easy to solder leads or wires to and can be chained together to make a very bright multi strip light.
    I'm definitely going to be buying more like this one in the future.Might even do my whole house with LED's through DX.com
  • Small but bright LED Modul, which offers powerful base for DIY projects

    posted by jonnyclever

    Good Quality, Brand named LED's inside, a strong and thick base for good heat transfer to the heatsink, open sides at the mouting holes for better accurancy at your DIY project.
    Use all the times heat sink compound for better heat transmission. Make sure, that the drive current is not more than 1050mA for more lifetime.
    It's a professional LED Strip, small but very powerful with a big amount of light. I use this as a single and up to 3 strips in a row - and it's very nice.
  • Very nice, especially for a workbench

    posted by NielV

    Very nice strip, it is really bright. One is suitable to illuminate a workbench about 1.5m wide. Nice warm light. The metal construction was a surprise, it has a heatsink strip on the back and front. Still needs to be mounted to additional heatsinking, but should not require much. I'm looking at options for hanging it over a dining table, perhaps mounted a aluminium extrusion. Quick bench testing for 2 seconds showed virtually no warming so the heat spreader backing is efficient.
    It is rated at 900mA. Even at 1mA (yes 1) the LEDs light up, and at 50mA it starts becoming useful. This is ideal for use in a car. Voltage drop is about 12.5V, so at 14V you need about 1.6 Ohm. You might get away with 1 Ohm and rely on some resistance in long wires, or get yourself a low drop current regulator.
    So many uses.
    Great item, I'll buy a few more next time.
  • Good 12v LED warm light bar for projects

    posted by Wudan

    Easy to power with 12v sourceLight has a nice warm colourVery bright for sizeSolder pads (-/+) on each side allowing for variety of wiring configurationsPre-drilled holes in aluminium base for mounting or attaching heat sinks
    I run these through SKU: 168324 to easily control brightness.
    Decent LED light bar for project use.Price still a bit expensive considering other alternatives.
  • Metal Strip as Car Break Light

    posted by eabouchar

    I changed the original five 12V filament lamps of my car's break light using two 16W 950 lumen Red LED Emitter Metal Strip. It now gives stronger light emission and we have a great energy saving of the battery.
    It is easy to use and gives us great creation and inventive opportunities. We only have to disconect the original cable and weld in the metal strip. As is accepts 12 to 24 Volts CC there is no need to make any electrical conversion or transformer.
    Is a good alternative for other kind of lamps in automotive, boats and home uses. It is easy to use and gives us great creation and inventive opportunities.

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