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led emitter metal plate Customers Reviews

  • Crazy bright LED

    posted by zenith828

    Very, Very bright! Seems to be able to take anywhere from 16-18 volts with out gaining or losing brightness, it seems like overpowering this array will not increase its output, this is a pro for me. Great price for the light output and low power consumption.
    btw the reflector is is SKU 39963, and the lens is SKU 13569.I haven't tested the actual lumen output of this led (array) but it is way to bright to look at on full power (thats also at ~170 degree spread)The lumen to watt ratio is a little high so I'm assuming that it isn't quite 2000 lumen. 80 Lumen/watt? seems a little high to me but i could be wrong. Efficiency wise it is waaayyyy better then incandescent. If you want to see it in action, i filmed this video with only this led array lighting in total dark building and the array was powered by a laptop battery and wasn't quite on full power.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eERtoTfSpk
    It's the best price around if you want a powerful efficient led array, make sure you have a good heat sink.
  • Datasheet Link

    posted by mp3ver

    Very bright LED
    Drill-Holes fit old Pentiom CPU-Cooler with 40mm fan
    Works wirth many laptop power-supplies (e.g. 19V, 3A), only simple Current Source needs to be added (1 N-Channel Power MOSFET, 1 NPN Transistor, 2 Resistors)
    i will try this LED as a light-source for an old DLP-Beamer. 2000 lumens would be nice to get.
    get the datasheet here:
  • Great efficient and performance

    posted by Sluggie

    My build draws total 87W which is really low consumptionBright enough to be used in a home theater with small panel builds. Increase color saturation and image quality vs 5200K MH lamps. I am using 8.9" wvga panel.
    These are future. There no way to turn back to use old school MH lamps.Suddenly projector manufacturers are stalling for some reason to bring high resolution led projectors to the markets. Is the reason long last led?
    The sky is the limit with LED-based lighting.
  • Very bright, excellent colour mixing.

    posted by dreamlayers

    - Extremely bright- Excellent colour mixing- Good brightness uniformity over the very wide beam - Metal base allows good heat transfer to heat sink- Connections are easy to solder- Both anodes and cathodes are separate, so you can choose your own configuration
    I'm very impressed with the colour mixing. Slight colour fringing of shadow edges is the only sign that this is an RGB LED and not a single colour light source. Light uniformity in various directions is also good.To maintain colour uniformity while dimming, use PWM dimming instead of changing current.
  • a high quality product

    posted by carnada74

    Produces a large amount of light, I am very pleased with the performance of this led, well built in my opinion is a good quality product at a reasonable price
    maybe the price could be lower, but it seems reasonable for the quality of the product, highly recommended.Now that's important to have a good heat sink because it produces a lot of heat, which is normal due to its high performance
    I had to wait three months to send me, I was desperate, but now I'm very happy

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