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  • really brigth and nice warm color temperature

    posted by PumaLBust

    It's really bright (I have no chance to measure or compare to anything).
    The color temperature is fine, homogeneous warm white.
    The metal plate can be easily mounted to heat sink. The electric contacts are suitable to use with clips or even with soldiered contacts.
    I am going to build a reflector or projector type headlight for my bicycle. I've tested the emitter with a driver circuit, power source was 4 18650 batteries, so the voltage was almost perfect to drive.
    The diffused light was bright enough at maximum nominal current, and it became really more than enough when I've put on a lens to make a throw beam.
    I suggest to buy this emitter for build smaller interior lights, or other DIY projects.
  • Good priced bright led

    posted by sakis00

    Very good price and for those who can solder it's very easy to use. I have connected them with the "MR16 1*1W 320~350mA Constant Current Regulated LED Driver". One is powered with a 12V car battery and another is connected to 220/18AC transformer. Both works fine and they are very bright especially the one connected to the transformer. I will use them on my boat and as security light for my garage.
    Just be careful to solder it right at the led pins otherwise the lens doesn’t fit.
    Very good product, with good price and easy to be used for DIY designs.
  • Really bright from a small emitter, great price

    posted by 4xssx4

    This thing is extremely bright for a small emitter, the color is a nice deep blue and creates a lot of shimmer, great for saltwater tanks, it makes the corals and the fishes colors pop and illuminate, it also penetrates the deep with plenty of light at two feet
    Wish I bought extra, the first time I bought some they came in bubble wrap, the second they came in plastic baggies, don't know why but they weren't damaged
    Great value, bright, small, easy to solder
  • Installed in a DIY projector

    posted by electrum

    In comparison to a 400W metal halide, using the stock 100W PSU off dx:
    *Relatively instant turn on (1 second), no heat up or cool down periods.
    *Optics do not need cooling.
    *I ran a totally passive system with no fans (big custom aluminium heatsink filled with water to act as a heat pipe and painted black runs at 60-70 degrees) A poorly placed fan easily lowers this by 10 degrees with no effort. So it's difficult to cool but not impossible.
    *Optical quality vs MH is fine. The LED runs slightly bluer than the MH lamp.
    *LED/power electronics are silent and do not make a buzzing noise.
    LED is very expensive and difficult to cool in comparison to other lighting methods. I used it for a specialist application where cheaper methods do not have the required optical quality. If you need general lighting this is a very expensive way to do it.
    This puts out 100W of light vs a 200W+ projector bulb that is about as efficient as an LED. Replacing a projector bulb of higher wattage with this lower wattage LED will result in a dimmer image. And projectors usually need all the light they can get.
  • Bright but cheap in quality

    posted by siberianbat

    Has focusing optics glued over - enough for most applications; fits to standard LED heatsinks. Oh yes, It is bright and white as a daylight.
    Pretty nice toy for an electronic-maniac ;-)20-mm lens for starboards fits after cutting some plastic at bottom of holder))
    Better to buy SSC-P7-D, but this cheaper twice!! Great light source for table-lamp))


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