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led emitter lumen Customers Reviews

  • A nice arduino component

    posted by dg4466

    Very nice light quality, good construction and packed well in shipment.
    It would be fun to build a wall of these and be able to control several hundred of these all at one time. I can picture it in my mind, but cannot afford it in my wallet, lol!
    A very nice component that any arduino user could find at least interesting. I have not decided on what use I will apply it too, but like it's function, design and build quality.
  • My eyes! Incredibly bright RGB LED

    posted by DrTune

    "do not look into LED with remaining eye"OMFG that's a bright LED.You're literally getting 3 x 10 Red / Green / Blue LED dies wired in series in a big package with a heatsink. It sprays light almost 180degrees.It's blindingly, stupidly bright - even from a brief sub-second glimpse (in daytime) I got a neat little row of dots seared into my vision for the next 15 minutes.Separate anode+cathode for each colour, and the heatsink is floating (=good)Will be easy to bolt onto any flat heatsink
    Need a relatively high-voltage (e.g. >30V) power supply+drivers; the green+blue barely light up on 24v. Basically you'll probably be building your own.With all three channels on, you will almost certainly want fan-assisted cooling.Each strip of 10 dies is about 1" long.I'm going to make a PWM driver and run four of these suckers.Best portable power option is a probably 36v Li-ion power-tool battery (e.g. Bosch).
    It's Mr. LED.
  • Cheap and extreme bright light!

    posted by Perkelehnet

    The light is incredibly bright! I was shocked when I first plugged in the LED Driver (not included)
    It's big, wich was unexpected, but still good.
    I'm going to use this LED outdoor, outside of my garage. Connected to a motion detector, it'll turn on when I arrive with my car, and light up the area. Perfect, I assume :-D
    I bought the LED Driver (sku.42741) for this item, and it fits perfectly.
    Incredibly bright, I have to say it again..
    Including LED Driver and heatsink, you'll get a BRIGHT LED-light for under 30$!
  • Very Bright/warm color, poor temperature tolerance

    posted by DrBlood

    I do like the LEDs size and colour, it's pretty awesome, and could reccomend it if you baby it and keep it fan cooled to oh, below about 70 maybe.It's very bright and has a nice warm colour temp, slightly pinkish and a little yellow at the edges of the light spill.
    All modern LEDs are rated to over 110degrees C and 'should' be fine operating up to 120+ deg c, with a manageable loss of luminous efficacy, perhaps 20-30 %.I used a very large 'pin fin' heatsink i took off a northbridge on an old motherboard,This heatsink is easily able to handle the heat this LED generated, but i did have a problem with this LED anyway.NOTE - an LEDs rating in Watts is it's total power dissipation, NOT its 'Heat output rating'.So a 20W LED will generate less than 20W of heat.LEDs that have a luminous efficiency of 100lm/watt have a power/lumen efficiency of about 15%, so20W - (0.15x20W) = 17W of energy not used to create light, ie HEAT.This LED isn't quite that good, so it will be about 18W of heat to dissipate.
    It still works, its just ugly and dissapointing, i may return it or reseat the lens with the real adhesive, we'll see.BTW - LED lighting is my profession so i love playing with and testing these things, especially as they cost just pocket money from DX.
  • Decent low powe consumption LED

    posted by mundaire

    1) Cheap!2) Low power consumption3) Relatively easy to install (soldering skills required)4) Offers flexibility in terms of how/ where you wish to use it as it does not come mounted on a star
    Used it to convert an incandescent 2xAA flashlight to LED in combination with SKU 25505. Works well for my purpose. Brighter than the original lamp, though not as bright as my other LEDs (Fenix, ED-T, etc.)
    Buy it if you are looking for a low consumption, long battery life, LED with about 50-60 lumens output. The claimed output of 100-110 lumens seems overstated, though to be honest I have no instruments to measure it exactly, just going by my comparison to the brand name lights I own.


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