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  • Good Price for warm light

    posted by SuperS

    - Easy to use kit with 3 adapters to fit most applications (most others do not have the BA9S adapter)- Light colour is warm; not at all the cool/blue white that some LEDs have- Double sided tape/foam assembly will adhere to most surfaces.- good quality soldering of LEDs
    - LED assembly is NOT 3.6W; it uses 0.106A @ 12V (~1.27W)- See 101374 for similar LED (slightly warmer colour but about the same brightness)
    - Descent assembly with everything you need to light a small area (car interior)
  • Cheap LEDs!

    posted by AlexColb

    - There are many of them
    - The quality is perfectly acceptable
    - They came in protective bubble wrapping
    I'd say it's more of a yellow color, not orange.
    lease note that these LEDs are very large.
    Even though I recieved one broken LED, the price is still excellent. These lights are handy to have around, and the quality is good enough for everyday use.
  • Nice Light

    posted by CraigXC

    These are very nice, bright emitters at a good price - good lumens per dollar. The "cold white" light is a bit bluish, but pleasant - much nicer than "cold white" fluorescent lights.
    Like most LED emitters, the ratings given would be the max - it's overdriving them. Better to run them at well under 1/2 the rated current for long life. Running with 1/3 current, they'll be a little more than 1/3 brightness, the way LEDs work.
    The voltage works out well for 12 volt operation, eg, 12.0 V with .68 or 1 ohm current limiting. With batteries, higher voltage will mean higher value series resistors to get the same currents. (or use constant current supply)
    Safety: Use with frosted diffuser - probably bright enough to damage vision at close range direct.
    I'm using two each for ceiling light fixtures, run from 12 volt DC power adapters. With LED lights like this and Cree XM-LAWT in my house, I'm saving 20-30 $/month on electricity bills.
  • hm....

    posted by kleezy

    -there cheap
    -maybe its just me but these havn't been working so far
    I'm just trying to light them up with batterys so far I've tried AA, D, and a 9v
    I've tried different batteries with different LED's

    I am by no means an expert but will continue tinkering with this
  • Actinic Replacement...

    posted by wampyz

    - good narrow-band actinic replacement for aquarium lighting...- don't have to worry about heat management as multiple smd modules run at lower current so less heat is generated...
    used these cob panels to retrofit my aquarium lighting hood after all the tubes finally burned out... recommend using at least one cob panel for every 10 gallons if you'd like more even lighting... I have a standard 20 gallon tank and this only illuminates about half the tank... ordered a second one to balance the actinic lighting in my tank...
    retrofitting an aquarium hood to LED is worth it...

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