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led electric Customers Reviews

  • turning to success.

    posted by deslimjim

    A great tool to have, it helps in the placement of tables or as many screws need tightening. also you can unscrew with this baby.Comes with an LED to work in dark places. It also has a setting where the environment is a difficult job.
    Is it worth buying, it is money well spent, though I have found the price a little expensive for the quality. Being a tool is always good to have at home or at work, because it helps a lot.
    I liked it, everything came right and working, worth the wait more than one month for it. I'm pleased.
  • Nice Useful Toy

    posted by myace1386

    Can gives hours of fun for the family.
    Can gives hours of fun for the family.
    A improvement could be in comes with different size ring to imcrease difficulty.
    Can gives hours of fun for the family.
  • Works with small tweaks

    posted by regireg

    I have tons of power adaptors for various gadgets at home, and only a small portion of them is actually being used at any point in time. I hate constantly plug them in/out all the time and have been looking for a power strip with individual switches to be able to just switch them off with a press of a button.This model works great, the switches are of a good quality and provide visual indication separately for each socket.
    The wires are thinner compared to what is being used here for 2400W appliances. I am not sure it is a real problem - I have been using the unit for several months without any issues. However I did not really put it under a lot of load. If you need it for high power appliances, you might need to replace the power cord.
    With a small modification works great for low power load. I have not tested with high load.
  • Good product, but hard to fit on the bike

    posted by edrisrain

    The sound is very strong and you can hear it from a distance, the lights are good and can help a driver identify the source of the sound.
    The horn is useful and cheap, get it if you travel during the night and want to make the other traffic participants more aware of your presence when they are not paying attention.
    I'm happy with it though i don't know if I'll use it constantly.
  • The Best after small improvement

    posted by svorenp

    Very very useful !!!
    An Improvemet: Open it. Find two small holes on PCB next to display. Solder there a capacitance 10uF/25V (be careful for right polarity). Thats all. From this time an information on disply will be absolutely stabile without any sign of cheap crap.
    Although I`ve written more cons than pros this voltmeter is really good helper. Absolutely I recommand.

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