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Every single led e27 5 displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. Browse the products from smd led e27, or some other related Pages like led e27 5w. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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led e27 5 Customers Reviews

  • Good price for it

    posted by Eromir

    Good design;Looks solid;Comparable to a Par 20 halogen 50W light intensityArrived in more or less 2 weeks. Good delivery time for Brazil
    I will buy more to replace halogen lights I have at home, despite the fact they are not really like a halogen light.I have bought 3 items.No idea of reliability for it yet.
    I would recommend this item.
  • Best CFL replacement I've found

    posted by fryingwoks

    -Warm white matches my soft white CFLs (colour is very similar)-Very bright-Actually looks good-Best colour compared to other LED bulbs-No 60Hz flicker.-Not as yellow as in the photo. Actually a bit less yellow than a warm/soft white CFL.
    The top diffuser globe can be easily unscrewed if you desire, giving direct access to the 5 LEDs inside. You can decorate the globe to cast shadow art, or you can leave it off or alter it to improve airflow. Or you could do something with the LEDs, I suppose.
    An excellent replacement for the CFLs in my house in the high traffic areas, where the lights were always being left on for hours.
  • A good replacement for an incandecent lamp

    posted by jpcubo

    Instant power on.
    No blinking at all (unlike CFL).
    low power consumption.
    multiple voltage input.
    This light isn't a spot like other led bulbs.
    Standard E27 socket, just plug it and use it.
    I have tried with no luck other led bulbs to replace a traditional lamp, this one gets the job done, I can't give an equivalent with an incandescent lamp, but it's brighter than a 40w bulb for sure.
    Also I was a bit concerned with the color temperature, i was afraid it could be blueish, but is not the case, in fact the color temperature is quite good.
    I recommend this led bulb for general usage, it can directly replace an incandescent bulb directly in most cases.
  • Great buy for us

    posted by Rulador

    This six 5W led lamps in our hotel front replace six PAR20 halogen 50W each (aprox 20$ each one 100 hours aprox. real life time). If the working time is al least 1000 hours (we hope much more time...) its the best thing i buy for our hotel.The construction quality its good and the light intensity enough, similar to 50W halogen lamps.
    Perfect for us. The energy saved with this lamps is aprox. 270W. The blue color of our hotel is more live with this lamps. If the expected life time of a medium quality led lamp is 10000 hours the color diference is not important for us.
  • Light same as incandescent

    posted by nezio

    The light is almost the same as incandescent ones, about 60wats, good to save some money on electricity bill, looks nice, can not identify how many leds are inside, which is good I think
    I like them, I'd buy some else, but I want to test mine with an amperemeter first just to be sure.
    Absolutely recomendable, good warm color, light enough, same as 60W.

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