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led e27 220v Customers Reviews

  • Better Than Expected

    posted by rcarlyle

    It just works and works very effectively
    To be frank, I wasn't expecting much, so when I opened the door and found the light on, I expected that it just stayed on, but I was wrong. After leaving it alone for a couple of minutes, it turned off and was so sensitive that it actually switched on as I opened the door and also from the bottom of the stairs.
    Excellent product which makes me think that I should purchase a couple more.
  • Good, not the cheapest but worth every dime.

    posted by eelcogg

    -Very bright-Cold white light (yes I will list it as a pro because that was what I was looking for). It's not too blue of greenish, just cold white.-Rugged: One of these lamps has been outside for a year. It's under a roof, but otherwise not protected from the elements. It has survived temperatures of 0 degrees F in winter to 100 degrees F in summer. I can'see any degradation in light output compared to a new one (yes I ordered some more :) ) .
    It's a more of a spotlight. The beam is quite narrow.
    Good, not the cheapest but worth every dime.
  • Great device

    posted by sacrefaist

    The lamp is well constructed, solid materials, the light is bright and doesn't heat too much.
    I'm happy with the purchase. Shipping was no so long, but the package must be better.
    The price is good enough and is excellent for using in a lamp. A must buy. Also contributing to saving energy, the lamp uses very little energy and shines very well, especially for reading.
  • Great replacement for PAR38 in sensor fittings

    posted by mosfetnz

    These lamps, with the addition of a little silicone grease around the threads have proven themselves to be watertight in my outdoor security light. The bulbs that were originally in there were 150W each. I tested these as drawing 5W each. A huge saving in running costs, although not as bright as the PAR38 incandescents.
    While these don't throw a bright beam like the PAR38s I replaced they supply ample light for you to find your keys (and the keyhole) or just see if there's someone outside. I had trouble with neighbour's cats triggering my lights and, at 300W for ~5 minutes they were costing me money. Now, at 10W for the two lamps I don't care about the cost.
    I am very happy with the lamps I received, to the extent that I ordered eight more. They really need checking internally to be sure that there's enough heat paste and the PCB's making good contact but as the plastic diffuser screws on it's quite easy to do. I'm putting up more security fixtures now that I can source bulbs that are cheap to run. A great lamp.
  • Good bulb

    posted by Loner911

    I'm using this bulb in the shower area for past 4 months. Previously my halogen bulbs tends to fail every 2 months. Lesser heat is felt as led consumes much lesser power. The bulb comes with heat sink and certainly helps dissipate heat away improving the led bulb life span.
    Good replacement for halogen bulb. A warm white color of 4000-4500k may be a good idea for direct replacements.
    Good price, good quality bulb.


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