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led e27 220v

If you want to purchase led e27 220v, this is your best place to buy it. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. View more by looking at rgb led e27, smd led e27. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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led e27 220v Customers Reviews

  • Very good LED lamp. -

    posted by 1Alamo

    Projects whiter light than expected, it shows good workmanship, nice design, I think it complies well with the specifications. -
    If not for the delay caused by the customs of my country (Argentina), definitely buy more, it seems a very good product, I can only see the performance, but that only can be seen with the use and over time. -
    A good product, offers good white light, so I highly recommend it, consider consumption 3 w not upload more pictures because you teach well is to product, so far very happy.-
  • Very bright LED bulb

    posted by ReneSamuel

    Very bright indeed. I used it to replace the 20w CFL bulb and it's even brighter with lower power consumption than the latter.I've been using it for over a month now, and the brightness never seem to lessen even though I use it overnight every night. The 76-LED really light our porch. The rotating panel is very useful when you want to change the focus of the light.
    Once you installed it, you can forget about it.
    Very good product. Definitely worth buying.
  • A superb outdoor bulb!

    posted by Thro

    This bulb is perfect for bigger outdoor lamps.I went from a 125 W Osram bulb too this one.And I have to say, this one is much better!It gives more and better light than the 125 W and you can touch it without burning yourself. And its only 16,2 W! Of course the bulb get heated up, but its nothing compare to the old 125 W. With 270 LED is natural that there will be some heat, but its almost nothing. As I say, you can take all around it without burning yourself!I use this in the lamp at the barn.
    Its a little big, but I will recommend this for a outdoor lamp (that should be bigger than indoors).My old 125 W Osram was almost the same size.
    Im really happy with this product. And also suprised that it gives more light than a Osram 125 W bulb!! :)So if you need more light outdoor, and have a lamp that could take this, go for it! :)
  • Very good buy

    posted by GISELAG

    I am very satisfied with this bulb. I had doubts about if it really would serve to illuminate a bathroom. It shines like an incandescent bulb without generating heat generated by the incandescent bulb. The light is very nice and you can look straight without getting hurt in sight.You can read perfectly with this light
    I think it has a good design. It looks much more elegant than incandescent bulbs.I did not find the energy consumption anywhere.
    I think it is a very good buy. I plan to buy more of this bulbs for use elsewhere in the house. I hope my house will be cooler using these bulbs, especially in summer.
  • everything I expected

    posted by MarkoPeranic

    Price, lighting power, simplicity, power consumption, brightness, quick delivery
    Everything I expected from this product for a fair price and quick delivery, cheap and high quality product, fast delivery to home, product contains everything I expected, the light is strong enough and the power consumption low
    cheap and high quality product, fast delivery to home, product contains everything I expected, the light is strong enough and the power consumption low

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