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Finding your favorite led driver regulated is easy in our product catagories. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. View more by looking at mr16 led driver, 30w led driver. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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led driver regulated Customers Reviews

  • Very handy device

    posted by fortified

    Easy device for wiring up various LED displays and powering it off AC. Enough juice for the powerful CREE lamps.Very low price.
    These can be very useful for experimenters, hobbyists, and DIYers looking for projects to do.I am using mine with 2 CREE LED lights to replace the range hood lamps provided by our above counter microwave oven. Great plans for this over at Instructables.com
    Great value for special applications or the hobbyist. Low cost for a small device that will power LEDs from AC house current.
  • Mine are near 75% efficency

    posted by tonix1

    The one I have tested give me the following:
    Input 234,5V @14,35ma=3,36W
    Output 9,32V @282ma 2,679W
    EFFICIENCY = 75%
    (indeed the current measurement is variable, it start from 284ma to decrease costantly, I consider an average value)
    Very small, fits even DIY lamp, perfect to build ligthing with power leds.
    Good building quality (I don't know single component quality).
    Wiring is indicated DC OUTPUT= white negative- pink positive. AC Input= the white wire couple opposite side of the PCB.
    The circuit it is just a little step behind a very good one, A 15% ENHANCEMENT OF EFFICIENCY would be just good enough.
    a good choice to experiment with power led, a convenient way to build some nice home lighting.
  • does its job

    posted by rayho

    - works as described- pretty cheap for two
    bought this to repair a DOA Waterproof SA-R2 Stainless Steel CREE XP-E R2 WC 5-Mode Memory 240-Lumen LED Flashlight (1*AAA) sku#47661, so it does fit with a little bit of filing
    great option for repairing AAA battery flashlights, does its job, i didn't need the 5 different modes anyways
  • 3*7135 chips

    posted by espimones

    7135 chipsRegulatedMemoryReal output advertised
    This regulator drive out fairly steadily 1.4 amps. in max. mode.Exactly: 1.35 in high mode, 0.4 in middle, 0.6 in low (fluctuating in sos and fast strobe modes).I have put it, working together with a 16 mm alu base Cree R5 led in my Trustfire TR-801, and it bright now 25%-30% more than the original Cree Q5 led, giving a really flood light!According Cree data sheets, Cree R5 can hold up 1,5 mA, so this regulated circuit is perfect to this led. Other drivers that can only drive up 1000 Ma, will give 25% less light tan this.
    I recommend it
  • Best Driver I've found

    posted by bls123

    Small, lightweight and easy to modify for just about any use. Has very good current regulation that only varies 5-10ma at most over the total operating range. The units single resistor that sets the current level is easy to change. Input has a bridge rectifier so polarity independent and can be fed from either an AC or DC power source. Bridge rectifier diodes are easy to remove for greater efficiency when powering from a DC source. Uses a PT4115 chip. This makes the max input voltage 40VDC (or about 28V AC) so up to 10-11 LEDs in series can be powered (depending on which LEDs are used and the total LED voltage required of course). Input capacitor is only rated for 25V however so must be replaced for higher voltages.
    Less expensive and a lot easier than building a current regulator from scratch. Exactly the same as 13553 and 13557 except for it's one resistor that sets the current level.
    I buy a number of which ever (13553, 13555 or 13557) is least expensive at the time for projects and simply replace the resistor when a different current level is needed.

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