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led driver circuit

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led driver circuit Customers Reviews

  • Powerful driver

    posted by plasmalights

    Powerful driver,Good selection of modes.
    I have installed this in to a custom built torch.The torch setup has a xml-U2 led driven by this driver and fed from an ultrafire red 2600mah 18650.All test results taken in high mode.Testing the output from the 18650 gives 4.00V and 4.00A giving a total battery draw of 16WTesting at the led gives 3.10V and 3.50A giving a led consumption of 10.85WCalculating these figures in to efficiency shows that 32% of the power is lost within the driver.This driver, but with selectable mode blocks (3mode 5mode 8mode etc) would be greatMust be fed from a good cell, when fed from a 14500 the max current is 2A not 4A.
    This XML-U2 build is really bright,I can live with the lack of mode memory and the extra disco modes.GOOD DRIVER!
  • My test with 3 XR-E P4

    posted by trolliet

    Good driver with 3 leds like XR-E P4
    Work fine with 220V AC
    The 3 leds receive individually 3.42V for first one ; 3.39V for the second one and 3.32V for the last one.
    global voltage is 10.1V
    The current delivered is 630mA.
    the driver don't heat so much.
    The specs give by DX are close to the reality
    I think it's a good driver for home DIY
    Will be perfect if cheaper but with buckrate it's a good price
    Every led which have arround 3.3V Vf and can support more of 650 mA can be use with this driver
    Sorry for my bad english
    My first review, I hope it can help somenone
  • Good driver

    posted by kevmeister

    The driver is cheap and easily convertable to single mode. Output is good for my divelight project.Its small and fits my lighthead(26mm) perfect.Input voltage range is wide.Overall good driver.
    It would be nice if the wires to led are already soldered on and the driver is shrinkwrapped.
    Really nice driver for the money. I ordered 2 more for my next projects.
  • does its job

    posted by rayho

    - works as described- pretty cheap for two
    bought this to repair a DOA Waterproof SA-R2 Stainless Steel CREE XP-E R2 WC 5-Mode Memory 240-Lumen LED Flashlight (1*AAA) sku#47661, so it does fit with a little bit of filing
    great option for repairing AAA battery flashlights, does its job, i didn't need the 5 different modes anyways
  • nice 2100mA led driver

    posted by yrnkrn

    Cheap price and works well. Can easily drive five, six, seven, eight XM-L in series with 2300mA current. It can drive nine XM-L as well, but the current is lower at 2100mA which indicates this is just a bit too much.
    As usual, output wires are too thin for this current.
    Nice driver, buy it.

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