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led driver board

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led driver board Customers Reviews

  • Smoked mine and it still works!

    posted by bear123

    - durable - drives XML-t6 very well - cheap and reliable - good run time with 2 x 18650s - good run time with 4 alkaline (1.5v) x C cells and up to 8 alkaline C cells for serious run time!
    This is a great driver. I have a flashlight host that I have been trying different configurations that I have many extension tubes for. I made a 10 x C cell configuration using alkalines and this driver started to smoke. LOL. It was my mistake and not the driver. I stopped within seconds and the driver still works great! The voltage rating is 3-12v so I was pushing it a little to hard with 15v hence the smoke. As for the other reviewer, the difference between 2.3a to 2.5a inst worth the hassle to be honest. I run this driver stock and it is just as bright as any of my other xml t6 flashlights. 0.2 amp might be about 30 lumen less with an 800lm xml t6 and considering you need to quadruple lumen output to double the light intensity to your eye it wont be noticeable enough to matter imo.
    For the price this is a great driver for my XML T6. As a replacement driver or a DIY project this wont disappoint! any its tough! I burned mine and its still working no problems! lucky I guess lol. Maybe I will make a 12v D cell light and go for crazy run time with this! hahaha
  • nice driver for several uses.

    posted by lasermanathome

    sure , you can use them for Cree leds etc.But the single mode makes it possible to use them for other functions too.I have used them for 455-445nM laserleds, those nasty bleu powerbeam LD's with over ONE WATT bleu laserlight.Those laserleds can easily be destroyed, this PC prohibits this and crank your LD up to its max without obvercurrent.
    You have to use them with LD or leds wich are in voltage near white powerleds(3-4V)Almost no heating up or instability in current.
    Nice PC for inventors, in theory you can put them parallel but diode for safety is advised.
  • Works with up to 6 XML's

    posted by valdasbiel

    Driver board is suited to work with 4,5,6 XML's connected in series with output on high about 1~1.2A. It has three modes on cycle press and hidden flash. You can set any of three modes choosing from 10 levels of brightness. It has low voltage warning turning red status on.
    For better use with 3 or 4 XML's I have modified sense resistor with 0.04 Ohm value. Output current on high increased up to 1.5A.
    For the price it has one of the best user interfaces in comparison with similar drivers
  • Worked well

    posted by ecotack

    Not masses amount of modes, just the three.Was bough to replace a failed one in a bike light for a friend. This was a direct replacement. There was very few problems soldering it or fixing it in the lamp.
    For me high powered bike lights should not have a strobe. As a car driver I hate cyclists that use a flashing light that blinds you. But that's personal preference.
    If the circuit in your bike light fails or you want to reduce the number of modes it has then this is a good replacement.
  • Very efficient but output different in my samples

    posted by alexan

    Very eficient driver, provides enough current but depending on the setup it can become too much.The re is only one working mode (on/off) and for me this is a plus.
    I tried the trick mentioned below that you can scratch the output resistor (20m ohm) slowly and when the circuit is not powered and reduce the output current
    They are cheap enough so you can try them

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