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led dimmer touch Customers Reviews

  • Absolutely Brilliant

    posted by GraemeEvans

    This thing is great and totally undersold by the description. The great thing is the 'user interface'. When you touch the touch sensitive area the unit switches on, but it doesn't just switch on it fades up to the brightness it was on last time. Alternatively when you turn it on if you keep your finger on the touch area it will fade up until you release. Equally with off a quick touch will have it fade down to off or a long hold will fade up/down until you release. Its really great. I used it in a bedroom with an LED strip to make a really comfortable bedlight, great having the fade in/out.
    The sensor 'coil' could be built into anything where it can be upto 3mm behind a non conductive surface, but the circuit must be right there too.
    The function of this is brilliant, the beige box is not offensive but not great if you want to make something that looks nice, unless you fabricate your own box/mount.
  • Great controller

    posted by prOOwner89

    - Very solid material for the receiver- Handy slide in plugs to connect your wires ( the block in which the wires are screwed can be removed easily from the receiver and thus enable you to connect everything without the weight of the receiver hanging down on the cables)- status leds on the receiver work very good (handy to check if your connections match the right color)-the transmitter has a very nice finish, glue or unfinisched edges noticable. The touchpanel works like a charm (i hate pressing buttons on a standard remote for led's, they always need much pressure to actually be pressed in).-Batteries last very long (for the transmitter)the fact that the transmission of the signal is done by radio frequency and NOT by ir means you get greater distance, better transmission and you can hide the receiver behind wall's etc.
    I built this into my car with an inline 10-30v to 12v converter to protect the led's and receiver and i haven't had any issues
    If you want a high quality good looking led controller, this is the way to go.

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