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led dimmer controller

Finding your favorite led dimmer controller is easy in our product catagories. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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led dimmer controller Customers Reviews

  • Not bad but has it cons.

    posted by enginefanatics

    It is nice. It worth its value. Good product as general. Build quality is good and the insides look good too. It is not as sensitive as I taught it would be, but that is actually an advantage! It is powerful, which is good. Not so expensive for such a product!
    A great product, even with it cons !!!
    Good product. And good value for money. It costs round $42-$43 around my place.
  • Nice simple dimmer with flash modes

    posted by Wudan

    Very simple and small constructionStandard 5.5x2.1mm female plug for 12v inStandard 5.5x2.1mm male plug for connection to LED
    Modes appear to be following:Long on - short offLong off - short onSOS (three short - three long - three short - pause)Fast blink - long pauseFlicker (great for candle effect)Pulse to offPulse to dimStrobe
    Good way to control LED light bars running on 12v.I have used for controlling SKU: 81028 in my projects
  • Nice dimmer

    posted by c0mradeIO

    The price is perfect, the quality is as it should be.It works like a charm, the remote is handy.It is nice to have it if you need it...
    It will be handy if they implemented LED lights into the remote so you could see the level of the lights, or maybe some sound locator or something like that...
    Bottom line, this product deserves my rating...It is very useful. If you need dimmers for your home or whatsoever don't hesitate... Buy this one...
  • Simple and effective but bit of a brick

    posted by GraemeEvans

    Efficient high frequency PWM dimmer for 96w @ 12v or 192w @ 24v LED's. Robust construction, easily disassembled if you want to mod. Easy to mount.
    Practical linear dimmer without complex buttons or controls. Easy to mod. I recommend taking the potentiometer out and extending the cable so you can hide the box round the back of somewhere and panel mount the potentiometer somewhere accessible.
    Good function, well built circuit. Robust but cosmetically challenged construction.
  • Works sweet

    posted by tracyching

    Super easy to get up and running. Connected this to LED dome light 12v 8.9w panel. Works nice in aquarium hood. RF signal range works across the room - very nice and convenient.
    May not work with all 330mA drivers. It didn't work with SKU 47060 current source. LED Light flickered at 50% with 7w COB LED 22volts. SKU 47060 driver has design flaw.
    Great but expensive.

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