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  • Good connection board for multiple emitters.

    posted by solar5

    Price: 5
    I gave these star connection boards a 5 on price because they are very inexpensive. Worth the money.
    Ease of use: 5
    As far as ease of use goes, you can't get it much simpler than this. Simply apply heatsync compound, place the LED onto the connection board, and solder the contacts. Now you ready to install the LED into the your circuit.
    Build quality: 5
    The quality is good. I have used 45 of these star connection boards to date and have never had any problems.
    Usefulness: 5
    This is very useful product when it comes to mounting power LEDs. Without them proper mounting and use would be difficult.
    Overall Rating: 5
    I gave these an overall rating of 5 because they serve a very important function in connecting power LEDs into a circuit, help to dissipate heat, and they do so at a very inexpensive price. Good value.
    Every serious LED hobbyist need to have a few of these on hand.
    I have a lot of projects that I can use these star connection boards in. I will be purchasing many more in the future.
  • Large bright LED.100% waterproof

    posted by lerikmlt

    Stated dimensions and temperature of the emission coincides with the description.Against this positive quality finish.
    When you first connect tentatively be energized for a short period.(to verify the connection)
    For use as daytime running lights-fit.To illuminate the backing of two little pieces.
  • Not quite the BMW ones, but really COOL !

    posted by DexterP

    This thing is really cool ! I bought this for a DYI project : dash dials back-light ;-)
    I did not start it yet : but I did some tests on it : light up with a single 9v battery : Man its bright ! And with 12v : its off the scale hehe !
    So really :
    ° - Very bright overall lighting !
    ° - You can cut at every 3 LEDs.
    ° - wire is simple, there is a T10 connector, but just cut it and plug it wherever you need !
    ° - There are different sizes !
    Much DYI project to do with this light :
    ° - Dash lighting,
    ° - Front Car lighting.
    ° - Buffet Lighting.
    ° - Reading light ;-)
    ° - And so on ... !
    ° - Subject lighting : around your camera for close-ups !
    ° - Buy different sizes and them inside the other !
    This thing is AMAZING !
    The only limit is your imagination !!!
  • i love it

    posted by serstore

    nice constructions and materials i'm impressioned. the colour is great Cheap compared to many others, comes with a strong that sticks very well, quite a long cable to do the installation, it is possible to cut and resize it for your needs and of course
    i love it so much i'm happy with my bought
    Good lights, great price, a very good purchase! I AM VERY happy with this leds in every way and the quality can not be beat at double or even triple the price. Bottom line is THIS IS AN EXCELLENT LEDS
  • Nice even light

    posted by Nygma

    Very bright and homogeneous light. Not blue or yellow either, somewhere in between.
    I used this to build my own ring light for my SLR:
    I tried with multiple power supplies. They all work fine. This ring draws 130 mA on 12 V. There is no significant heat from the product.
    Good product, versatile use. The ring gives and even distributed light, I am thinking about using it for interior lightning as well. As far as I can tell these LEDs does not require complicated electronics just an adapter which gives 12 V DC. I am using mine from an old laptop power supply with a single chip 12 V voltage regulator. The simplest regulator is OK for 1 A which should drive 4 rings easily.


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