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  • Car Angel Eye as a DIY camera macro light

    posted by PunyViking

    Low cost, easy to use. Wery bright colorless light. Easy to work with.
    I bought the 70, 80 and 90mm angel eye rings to mount onto each other to make a camera macro light. I mounted the glued together angeleyes onto a P-type connector(sku11656), after a bit of modifications. Then I can screw the p-type connector to the front of my lens. Works Perfect! (some use of a Dremel could be necessary )
    If you know the right end of a solder iron and superglue, then you should be able to make one of these. Recomended!
  • very bright, great value

    posted by bpalmer

    This is a great LED light. It is designed for use in a car overhead light, but I found it great for a video light. Generally, a single super bright LED is too painful to look at when mounted on a video or photo camera. This has a bright light, but not painful. When distributed around 39 light points, it evens it out nicely.
    FYI, the multimeter reads 3.7v at each LED. Nicely integrated PCB and LEDs in a compact ring that fits around a lens, giving the unique lighting look of a ring light.
    For the money, it's a good deal. Good brightness, pretty good build quality. I'd buy more.
  • Large bright LED.100% waterproof

    posted by lerikmlt

    Stated dimensions and temperature of the emission coincides with the description.Against this positive quality finish.
    When you first connect tentatively be energized for a short period.(to verify the connection)
    For use as daytime running lights-fit.To illuminate the backing of two little pieces.
  • Good connection board for multiple emitters.

    posted by solar5

    Price: 5
    I gave these star connection boards a 5 on price because they are very inexpensive. Worth the money.
    Ease of use: 5
    As far as ease of use goes, you can't get it much simpler than this. Simply apply heatsync compound, place the LED onto the connection board, and solder the contacts. Now you ready to install the LED into the your circuit.
    Build quality: 5
    The quality is good. I have used 45 of these star connection boards to date and have never had any problems.
    Usefulness: 5
    This is very useful product when it comes to mounting power LEDs. Without them proper mounting and use would be difficult.
    Overall Rating: 5
    I gave these an overall rating of 5 because they serve a very important function in connecting power LEDs into a circuit, help to dissipate heat, and they do so at a very inexpensive price. Good value.
    Every serious LED hobbyist need to have a few of these on hand.
    I have a lot of projects that I can use these star connection boards in. I will be purchasing many more in the future.
  • Now I feel like IronMan

    posted by abadaue

    Very cool this circular shape. You can put in several places and also use in a variety ways. Very easy to use. just connect to any 12 volt battery and it on.
    I do not remember why you bought it. But as soon as I opened the package, I thought the ironman. I think I'll stick to the inside of a T-shirt and get a few cells 12v. I think it's a nice fantasy to go on a party of friends.
    Well .. many people buy it to put in photographic cameras or car headlight ... but I believe it has other uses .. maybe like an ironman costume.


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