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led detector Customers Reviews

  • Excelent flashlight

    posted by cesaracorreia

    Good light, easy to charge, easy to handle. No external batteries.
    The flashlight is undoubtedly the most important equipment for nighttime activities. When deciding to buy a flashlight will think about what to do with it and what you can stop doing if it does not work. It has LEDs that combine good energy consumption and light intensity. Ideal for lighting midway as hiking trails. Are fitted with an electronic circuit that controls the light intensity. Ideal for emergency signaling, signaling traffic, or even nocturnal scavenger flashlight.Furthermore, it is possible to charge the battery in this flashlight take-home, and the chargers are connected directly to the lantern, thus avoiding the labor to disassemble and put the batteries in chargers and also helps the economy because it is not necessary to purchase batteries for its operation.
    Good flashlight. I recomend.
  • Works great!

    posted by kimkiwiclan

    I ordered one to test with the Hydra Control Freak. I connected it to the HCF with a Phidget I/O board. Works very well. 100% reliable, wired triggering and no false alarms that are sometimes experience with PIR sensors with cloud/sun flares.I've ordered another one so I can provide details on how to use it with the Freak.
    Although it looks easy to setup using the built-in level meter, I aligned it using a night vision device which made it a real cinch to setup.
    I run the Hydra Control Freak website. When I receive the second one it is my intention to take detailed photos of how to setup this up and configure it and place the HOWTO online. With this setup you can view video capture of the intrusion with seconds of triggering the beam and then setup of real world events such as flashing lights and alarms. Solid preventative security!
  • good magnifier glass with built in led light er glass

    posted by moshemag

    Good quality plastic.wide base for firm grip.bright 6 white led on the edge.look like goos quality glass.came in carton bag with special sponge fit to cover the glass.
    I purchased 1 for work 1 for home and now 1 for my father as well
    Good product recommended
  • It works great - but difficult 1st time setup

    posted by demcak.eduard

    It works - and the disc came with 2013.3 version. If you know Delphi ( or Autocom ) - you know this is the absolute must have when fixing cars. It is difficult to setup , but once running - seems real gem for the price.
    I would strongly recommend to use this on older PC with no INTERNET connection ... as the autoupdate may corrupt it. Also the bliking changing lights like a xmass tree is kinda annoying on the device - but that's unrelated to it's working.
    If you are good around computers and will get through the installation process - this is a no brainer deal for the price.... PRO TOOL for excellent price. Let's hope it will last.
  • A useful 60x microscope with illumination, white and uv.

    posted by Perumal

    It is a folding type microscope with one half housing the microscope, and the other half with the batteries, switch and two LEDs, one white and the other ultraviolet.When it is set straight you can stand it up on the table and use it as a lamp. To use it as a microscope it has to be folded, and then the illumination can be switched on to either white or ultraviolet by means of two Light Emitting Diodes of appropriate type.
    It was really useful to examine the edge of the knife I was trying to sharpen. My mistakes were clear in the magnified view, and I was able to improve my technique tremendously.
    It's a nice addition to carry around inside one's pocket, and very useful as a torch too.

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