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led desk lamp Customers Reviews

  • The best desklamp at a very affordable price.

    posted by rl1222

    Everything about it I like. Low power consumption, bright enough that I bought 3 of these and replace all my 3 desklamps that are 3 times the cost. Is rechargeable so it can still be used even when the power is down but not sure how long. I haven't test it yet how long will it last but it will last more than 30 mins.
    Go buy this unit. It's awesome. At $15.00 each, you can't go wrong.
  • Great Little Light

    posted by Raara

    This USB LED light is a very useful little light, it is quite bright, certainly very good for lighting up a notebook/laptop keyboard at night.It runs off any USB port. The five LED's give a steady smooth light rather than perhaps one or two LED's.Can curve to face many directions.
    I tested it and it only uses 66ma at 5 volts rather than the advertised 350ma
    Great little light for laptop use
  • Well made Led

    posted by fabricioangioletti

    This is an incredible purchase!It has an excellent price with excellent components, very good cost-benefit. It's made in a very good material, very durable, and the lights are really good! It light up everything!It's very good for outdoor activities and for reading on your bed, since you don't need to be plugged in the charger all time and the duration of its battery is excellent, since you have two options of lights, half turned on or all.
    Excellent purchase, nice cost - benefit.
    Excellent purchase, nice cost - benefit.
  • UFO landing light

    posted by NotTheOnlyOne

    1. Even light output from the dog head cone. Pretty even, and not a lot of striations on the walls or hot spots on the eyes. Even tho it appears to be machined a bit, seems like more of a frosted look.2. Pretty good switch on hand flashlight. Gotta push it down pretty good to get it too lock on, but seems to kick in well when all the way down.3. Just the right size flashlight. Little bigger around than the 3 AAA size cartridge ones, but not as big as a MagLight. Full hand on the body is comfy.4. Packs to just about 6 in square in the box.this is way to bulky to for a bed stand light, but just right for lighting the pathway to the bathroom door when guests are visiting, which is why i purchased it !5. Not so bright, that i can't fall asleep with it on it i forget to turn it off before bed.6. decent color balance, not too blue, but again, not a warm color.7. good battery life. only have to charge it if i fall asleep with it on. Otherwise, lasts a couple months.
    Not bad as nightlight.
    Overall, a good quality night light output area light.Works perfectly for what i purchased it for, but couldn't recommend as a camp type lantern, not enough output. But the base is too big for that anyway.Would purchase again, but would favor the 12 buck price point.
  • Very good lamp!!

    posted by Igor05

    -Strong light, excelent for bed reading (wich is why i bought it for)-Strong Metal clip with a rubber protection (so it wont ruin the wood in my bed)-Firm flexible neck-Long enough cord (more than a meter long!)-The switch works nicely -Well built, nice metal quality
    Really well built and nice looking lamp
    If you want a good desk lamp with a clip, BUY IT! Its worth your while!


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