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  • Easy to mount, very bright

    posted by CanadaCG

    Good build quality, solid case, nice mounting holes, metal body
    These are much brighter than I expected that they would be. I considered using them for some lighting in my home instead of for daytime running lights, but the brightness and solid build makes me feel comfortable using them as running lights for my vehicle.
    For the price, a very good unit. If you want to add daytime running lights to your vehicle, this is an inexpensive way to do it. Build quality is good, so they will probably need no maintenance after being installed.
  • LY158 1.5W 102lm Eagle Eye DRL - very bright LED

    posted by jumpjeff

    LY158 1.5W 102lm Eagle Eye White Daytime Running Light - very bright LED. Easy to install, Low current.How to write 500 words for this small little thing.
    Add spring washer to prevent the nut goes loose when traveling on the road. How to write 500 words for this small little thing.
    Cheap and good. if your car need it. go for it.Recommended. How to write 500 words for this small little thing.
  • First impressions are very good

    posted by DJRichard

    I'm pretty impressed with these lights, at least in the first instance. I'm planning to use them as Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) on my 1983 Porsche 928s and I have the ideal place to mount them. I'll upload photos once I've got them installed and show how they look both on and off.
    I liked the double-sided foam tape, which will help locate and mount the lights.
    For the price I'm very happy with the product. I installed the Hella 5617 LED DRLs on my other car, and they cost about $350 installed!
  • Good light, especially for this price

    posted by Klas2k

    First of all I have not mounted them onto my vehicle yet, but I have tried them loose with a 12v battery. Brightness is good, maybe even a tad too good if you would use them in dusk or dawn (could be blinding). The lights are marked with a E4 (european conformity) but I doubt that it is a real one (it just says E4 without charachters to deniminate type of light behind them). Build quality seems good.
    Good DLR for the price. Fairly cold light (probably maatching a xenon rather than a halogen light). Cable and mount seems pretty ok (seems to be much better than other that I have read about at least) although I still need to see how it will perform after a couple of months when mounted.
    Very good DLR for the price. Could prbably be used as fog lights or back-up lights as well. Could be a bit too bright for DLR's in dusk and dawn maybe, although a bit too dark for backin up lights since the brightness declines pretty much after 10-15 meters.
  • Daylight running lights: good choice!

    posted by idemdito

    Looks good build, I think its waterproof, even at the leads entry . Per LED 3 LED-chips. I can't measure but compared with other LEDs I have, it's both a nice white color and more than enough Lumens to function as DLR. Case is good quality plastic and lens is real bright-clear. Lens is carrying E4 marking. After 30 minutes operation on my desk it wasn't running hot, I would say less than 25C.
    Better or right description for those 2 extra leads for turning / half-brightness. I checked: Yellow to +12V is lighting 10 orange LEDs while all whites are off: just simply connecting to the turn-light connection. When connecting the Yellow lead to the +12V, one row of whilte LEDs is switched off. Perfect!
    For $ 28,30 it is the best DLR I could find with plenty of Lumens to be seen - and that is the purpose!
    Next to that those options as Turn-light and Half power! Buy-It! Good Choice!!

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