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  • Works like the charm!

    posted by pepesz

    - It's cheap but looks solid. - Works as expected.- So far quiet (without annoying buzzing).- Screw terminals for wires.
    The adjustment pots are not described on the PCB so little guessing is needed.The coil is not fixed to the board - would be nice to glue it to the PCB.There is no input polarity protection diode so do not swap power cables!Overall quite useful piece of product.
    Definitively worth the money, so buy it if you need one.
  • Perfect for small projects

    posted by RacerXGT0

    Excellent price, very small size and build quality looks good.
    Drive 3 x 1watt LED's in a series exactly.
    I live in the USA so the 120 volt A/C color coding on this unit is setup for for European spec. All I did was match the HOT and NEUTRAL lines accordingly.
    USA: Black = Hot, White = Neutral
    EUR: Brown = Hot, Blue = Neutral
    This is great for small projects, though if building a multiple LED project with more than 3 LED's, better order more!
    This little LED driver is a winner, allows you to build very bright LED lighting for your home at a low price.
  • 6W Led Driver

    posted by gtsteve

    They seem to be good, they have been connected for only one day but they have stopped the flickering that my 4W Leds previously had. They seem to be well made, and the 4 connection wires are poked through the circuit board before soldering on which makes them less prone to snapping off. They were easy to connect.
    Nice soft silicone rubber insulation on the wires makes it a delight to strip with your teeth.
    They work fine and the price is right when you buy 10.
  • Best choice repairing LED bulbs

    posted by MicroWizard

    This one is the most _durable_ LED driver I have seen. (Thanks to the VIPer22 controller circuit.)I have a lot of defective LED bulbs ranging 6*1W - 10*1W. Most of them are dead because the driver circuit was blown.This driver works well. No one died yet.
    All other type of LED drivers used to make fire. The ones which have two small yellow transformers are the worst. They usually blow up one or two LEDs first. After replacing LEDs - and a week of peace - they usually blow up itself. Replacing them with this ugly red part. The problem is solved for a long time.
    Don't waste time and money buying various 6-7-10*1W 330mA LED drivers. This type does work, others often fails.
  • Good driver

    posted by Chemic

    Good quality driver. Aluminum case and waterproofed. Very safe and beautiful.
    Gives 0,3 A at 12V, so it even 3,6 W!
    I use it for 2 LED strip lamps SKU 33059. Its power is enough to give bright light. Another 3W drivers work with only one of them.
    It is more expensive than analogues in plastic cases, but it gives higher current, and more safety. Buy it if you need reliable driver for heavy conditions.


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