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  • I dont know

    posted by AchimH

    It works. The electronic is selaed.german:es funktioniert. Elektronik ist vergossen.
    I dont know, if there is an EMI-filter was inserted. I think, it's protected for use in wet rooms. In one of all supplies the sealing-material was to little, i can see some electronic components. Price is ok.german:Ich weiß nicht, ob ein Entstörfilter eingebaut wurde. Bei einer der Stromquellen war die Füllhöhe so gering, dass man Umrisse elektronischer Bauteile erahnen konnte, aber doch vollständig bedeckt. Ich denke, dass es mindestens IP44 wasserdicht ist.
    Text partly translated with a programm. Sorry for my bad english. I am german.
  • This driver is not 680mA

    posted by whorled

    It is relatively inexpensive.It is small and light.It is waterproof.The wiring not too thin.It comes with a connector on the dc side, not shown in picture.
    The DX listing for this product shows "Waterproof 680mA 3W Power Constant Current Source LED Driver ". The label on the driver has no output current shown, only "Output 1x3w"
    Came here expecting this driver to be suitable for power testing single 3w leds at 680mA. This driver only delivered 540mA into a single 3w led. It was tested with several different single leds; 2.5v red 660nm 3w leds, 3.5v blue 450nm 3w leds, and 3.7v warm white 3w leds. Multimeter showed each one receiving only 540mA. Left disappointed.
  • Good driver

    posted by kde11

    - Price;- Switched power supply (high efficiency);- Good build quality;- DC output is electrically isolated from AC input;- Driver doesn't burn out if powered on without workload (although I didn't test it in this mode for a long time)- Noiseless;- Doen't produce too much heat even when continiously loaded (no need for any heat dissipator).
    I've used this driver to power sku.80512http://www.dealextreme.com/p/12w-7000k-800-lumen-white-led-emitter-metal-strip-12-14v-80512This LED strip needs more power, so when I firstly connected it to the driver I got only 450 mA through the LEDs. Then I changed R3 to 4.7 KOhm (I've found this value by experimenting, original resistor was 5.1K) and got about 880 mA (that is close enough to 900 mA declared in the LED specs). Probably this is the maximum current this driver can produce (I got about 12.4 V at LED strip) since other values of R3 produced less current.
    Good driver, especially for its price.Also I've added 24 Ohm resistor in series with the AC input to reduce input rectifier peak load when connecting the driver to the AC power supply (this also removes a lot of sparks when inserting plug into the wall socket). While working, this resistor consumes only 2 V of input voltage, so I recommend everybody to modify the driver this way (10 - 20 Ohms is OK for it).I recommend this driver to everybody who needs small switched power supply with 12V output and 500-900 mA load. Hope it will last long.
  • It does what it promises

    posted by stevee123

    The power supply looks very similar to original one. It does the same job.
    It's not dimmable, however you can use it worldwide in a 110V or 230V electrical network.
    My suspicion was, that my bulbs are flashing because of the power source. However, this was not true. It was caused by one led out of 5 to become broken. I'll be clever next time. If your light flashes, it's not the power source. If it doesn't lit anymore, than replace the power source.
  • Quality LED driver

    posted by Lymatas

    This LED driver (power supply) is built very well. It is water resistant and designed to use with outdoor LED lightning. Dimensions are quite small. Recommended to everyone.
    This water resistant LED driver (power supply) could be more powerful with the same body dimensions. This LED driver (power supply) is built very well. It is water resistant and designed to use with outdoor LED lightning. Dimensions are quite small. Recommended to everyone.Nothing more to say.
    If you need water resistant LED driver (power supply), like this one - buy. Recommended to everyone.


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