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On this page, you can find a wide selection of led current 1w. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. Browse the products from led e27 1w, or some other related Pages like 1w led flashlight. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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led current 1w Customers Reviews

  • nice

    posted by ibbleobble

    This is a great driver. I used it to make a 1 watt night light with an xm-l led. Extremely bright! The unit seems well sealed with resin on the back, and the wires were easy to attach to an australian plug from bunnings. I don't see any flickering. I would like to get a device to test how much power it actually uses, but I don't have one.
    I'm keen to make my own home lighting, and this makes it easy. Would be nice if there was more choice of currents and voltages, and if there were dimmable versions. A half watt version would be good.
  • 3W LED Constant Current Driver for 3 x 1W or 1 x 3W LED Use

    posted by ElectroMojo

    Cheap, Simple seems to function well. No problems at all.
    Have a look at DX's additional products that would support this type of RAW circuit. Heat shrink, a PVC electonic's box would certainly bring the grade of the product up to scratch. Having said that you could even put a tab of double sided tape 3mm thick underneath the board for mounting.
    It's a simple, cheap, nasty circuit .. but reliable. Watch out for push around components you could easily damage it .. but once in a casing it's as good as needed. Brilliant for DIY Projects.
  • Very good T10 LED lamp

    posted by JohnJackGit

    It really has current regulation. Current draw is same 53-56 mA at 13.5 V and at 23 V input voltage. Maximum current for used emitters is 60 mA, so unlike most LED lamps that one is slightly underdriven, it will not overheat and burn out.Warm white LEDs are much closer to incandescent light than common bluish cool white. It will not mess with the color of the dashboard indicators and is easier for eyes in darkness.Generally, LED lamps take muck less power than incandescent bulbs and produce more light. That one is not an exception.
    LEDs are diodes, so they need to be plugged with proper polarity. There are no marks on the lamp, but if you look to the side with hieroglyphic picture, three-legged chip is at minus side and "121" resistor is at plus side.Light goes to sides and not directly forward. Can be a pro, a con, but mostly it doesn't matter.
    Good replacement lamp. Work much longer than cheaper lamps and brighter than bulbs.
  • Start filckering

    posted by pablitog

    The product has a small size and good price
    It seems that the nominal power of 3Watts is close to the limit of the circuit. After some minutes working the temperature of the lamp is quite high. Probably the high working temparature have reduced the life ot the driver/lamp.
    There is no comments
  • Dimmable 13~18 LED

    posted by johnyconny

    Hello allI drive to this review that I've found that a dimmable LED driver is not in the web shop is indicated as dimmable?It is item number 174475I compared it seemed to article number 171146Look at the pictures.
    I've tested this with the LED. DIY 7W 2800~3200K 560~630LM Round COB LED Module (DC 21~24V) With these 3 LEDs 7w (141851)These LEDs are beautiful in color temparature.
    I am probably going to bying more.

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