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led cree r2 Customers Reviews

  • Nice keychain, but not an R2

    posted by ilianbg

    Nice to use as a keychain. Uses common batteries. Mine is well built.
    Still thinking weather to risk running it off a Li-Ion battery inside... Will probably play with it for few more days and then risk my $14. :)
    Nothing more then just a keychain. Could be more useful then these $1-$2 throw-away led keychains they have.
  • Very bright light, nicely built!

    posted by Lion251

    This light has the build quality that I've come to expect from the WF-504B. I had already ordered several with either XRE-R2 and XPG-R5, this is the first XML-T6.
    Sturdy, nice finish, even lubricated O-rings.
    Very much impressed with the amount of light!
    It is wise to wrap the drop-in with extra copper or aluminum tape, so thermal contact between drop-in and body is improved. With an LED outputting so much power, you need all the cooling you can get!
    Unbeatable for the price!
  • A lot more than enough...

    posted by afroma

    - Bright, even with AA cells- Very well built- Easy to use- Good knurling- GITD rings/clickie/headThe fact that on alkalines it gives you a little less light but longer runtimes - in my opinion - is a plus.
    The F25 is stunningly bright, mode memory works flawlessly and it's low-mode is really good.On the other hand, on alkalines, it won't get to 200+ lumens. This is a plus, since I like longer runtimes.It will blind you, though, so don't underestimate it.I own sku.14971 as well and this F25 isn't as bright as that, although the STROBE and the SOS modes are actually useful especially if you like camping/hiking.On lithium or 14500 cells, well, I don't want to be near it: that must hurt your eyes for good.Approved!
    It took a month to get it, I wish I ordered three or four more...
  • The strong snow-white emission of light of CREE R2

    posted by hirotsugu

    I use CR123A. The color development of the LED is snow-white and is a feeling of high quality. I think that specifications are more than it if the brightness is general domestic use very brightly. Because a mode is 2 modes of Hi and Low which it is easy to use, there is use by use environment and is effective for consumption electricity.
    Because fever is early, I do not have any problem if I do not light it up more than 30 seconds.
    The snow-white emission of light is very fair and is satisfied. I am satisfied in the thing which making it has good of the aluminum body generally generally.
  • very bright indeed

    posted by axelblack7

    Single mode, well constructed and well regulated as long as you are aware of the required voltage.
    Big thanks to others who provided the required testing information in the product forum.
    I use it in a 502d with 2 18650. this light is as bright as many that cost considerably more. The runtime is amazing. I think it must be something around 4 hours.
    Would like to see an R2 multimode for single 18650.
    I know this will work fine on 18650 but i mean @ max brightness...
    I used this drop-in to convert my friends "old" surefire. I converted him to LED.
    If you have a 2 cell light or have shares in a CR123 factory buy it.
    Well buy it anyway and together with a 502d you can have a sturdy and superbright light for less than $35

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