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  • Very nice light

    posted by xring

    -Very bright
    -Good throw
    -Seems well built, very thick walled body
    -Glass lens
    -Good runtime (see other thoughts)
    -It will tailstand
    -2 modes: Hi->Lo->Off (I like this much better than Hi->Off->Lo->Off)
    -Smooth beam pattern
    -Good finish
    I originally ordered SKU 12808 in mid May but changed the order for this light after a month of repeated extensions to the backorder deadline (and it still took 5 weeks to get this one after making the switch). I think the only difference between 12808 and 12807 is the body. This one came with a OP reflector, but still throws very well. Very distinct hotspot and a good useable spill. If you're picky about artifacts/donut holes/etc in the beam pattern, you'll probably be very pleased with this light. The hotspot is well defined and uncomfortably bright at across the room distances inside a house, at which time low mode is welcomed. Outdoors it illuminates well out past the 100 yard mark.
    Current measurement at the tailcap was 1.12A @ 3.82V and 1.20A @ 3.74V with a gray protected 18650 Trustfire. These measurements were taken after the light had been running for a while. The light was warm after 45 minutes and getting hot after 1.5 hours, at which time I decided to turn it off. I turned it on again the next day and came back after an hour, at which time the light was flickering due to the battery being drained. I plan to do another test with a freshly charged cell. I expect 2+ hours of full brightness.
    I am slightly concerned about how hot the light becomes after extended runtimes. I've read reviews of similar Eastward Q5 lights that have a dimming issue (permanent) after only 10 hours or so of runtime, possibly due to a poorly heatsinked emitter. The head is glued on very tightly, and my initial attempts to remove it were unsuccessful. If I can it open without damage I'll check the heatsinking and update this review.
    There isn't a lot to complain about with this light, especially for $30. The finish is smooth and even, it's built like a tank, and is an excellent deal if the emitter holds up. I am hoping the backorder issue was due to ironing out some of the problems reported after the first run of these lights.
  • Handy flashlight, uses just about any battery

    posted by thefezman

    * It uses 14500 Batteries (1x)
    * It uses AA batteries (1x or 2x)
    * It uses 16340 batteries (1x)
    * It's bright, but not so bright it chews through the battery in no time flat
    Nice little light, I might have to replace the driver to get a low mode however.
    Great for throwing a 14500 battery in and sticking it in your glove box, it will be there, ready when you need it. And when the 14500 dies, replacement batteries are everywhere.
  • Worth the money

    posted by thedude808

    Good Build QualityExtremely BrightNot hard on batteryFits in pocketStylishExtremely affordableCool colour, easily visibleGood throw, great zoom
    Much better than the flashlight you would buy at your local department store for about the same price (10 or 12 led ones, not board mount leds)Great for walking, bike, working on cars, finding something you have lost, blinding an attacker, etc etc etc
    worth every penny don't hesitate just buy it, you will absolutely love it
  • Bright, good for the price, 1 AA battery

    posted by berkeleyby

    This light is definitely bright. Even when the battery is low, it still is very bright. Being powered by 1 AA makes it very small and convenient. My mother carries it in her purse, where is takes up very little room.
    It is very smooth, a textured grip might be an improvement.
    Great value, size, and convenience of battery use.
  • The best allround flashlight

    posted by scidiver

    very broad flood angle (zoom 1x) to extreme concentrated thrower (zoom 8x), decent runtimes (5+h Med mode@Alkaline, 0.75h Max mode@14500), very bright even when zoomed out, beam is always very even and uniform with no dark rings, mule mode possible (180° flooder), Fenix LD20 accessories fit perfectly (pocket clip, diffuser tip, etc) in mule mode, with a pocket clip can be used a headlamp(!!), incredibly far thrower (250+ yards), very fine zooming (~3 full turns), perfect constant brightness regulation (does not dim!!!), high-quality look&feel, typical Romisen top-quality built&finish, thick material walls, waterproof & shock-resistant, and most of all: its design is beautiful, will never cease to attract. Dealextreme price is lower when you order 3 or more!
    With 14500 in High mode it can get very warm after 1/4h unless you hold and keep it in your hands/outdoors for the cooling effect; the max. runtime then is ~45minutes. With 14500 in Med mode no noteworthy heatings effects occur and the max. runtime is 2.5hours. Even if brighter (=more expensive) 1x AA flashlights exist, you will like it a lot from the very beginning and not regret it. Once you try the 14500, you will never want to go back to Alkaline or NiMH, promised! Superior to Romisen RC-G2 and any other Romisen 1x AA flashlight, Sipik SK68, and Fenix LD10. Beats also Fenix LD20 except for the Fenix long runtime in ultralow mode. I enjoy it even more than the Xeno E03 V3!
    Best LED flashlight for the money, Period.


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