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led cree flashlight t6

You'll find the best led cree flashlight t6 for you here. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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led cree flashlight t6 Customers Reviews

  • Very good flashlight

    posted by shpax

    Compact as it should be for 1 18650 batteryStill 1 18650 accumulator is the best choice comparing with AA type for instanceBuilt wellMetal have good finish.Stiff caps and clean screw3 modes as stated. It is pro to meWide filling light beam, about 45deg or so. With slightly visible central spot, exactly what I needed.Button works well to.
    Although the cons they were fixed in minute. So it is really does not matter.Crown was loosen abit due to the transportation I suppose. Nothing serious.The flashlight works well. I tested it with highest mode during may be 10 minutes which makes it become quite warm but still acceptable for such small device.
    very good price to quality factor. good classic design.
  • A good choice for anyone who wants a flashlight without zomm

    posted by JCOM71

    Good quality of construction.Very bright light.Has a good handle.
    The mentioned operating time will depend heavily on the actual capacity of the battery and can last between 0:30 minutes longer than 2 hours at full power.If you're looking for a flashlight for general use this model is indicated, but you need to buy a good battery and a good charger.
    My first flahlight purchased in dx and not let me down.
  • The product that I would definitely buy again

    posted by ibilous

    Three modes only(high-mid-low). More than enough for my needs. No strobe mode as it seems useless to me on this flashlight.Bright. Suitable for bicycle rides in a traffic on high and medium modes.White LED. For me it close to day light. Preserves natural colors of surrounding objects.Wide beam. Central beam is wide enough to comfortably see road/path I'm moving on. Radial beam helps to keep myself oriented in what's going on around.
    My flashlight has head part and battery tube soldered a little inside, so I am not able to separate them. This does not influence on performance so far, just small barrier to curiosity.
    I'm using this flashlight since February 2012. Will recommend it to anyone.
  • Great little flashlight

    posted by baldbens

    -very bright, easy and quick to zoom beam.-I like the ability to use AAA batteries -pretty consistently decent beam quality when changing focus
    Very pleased with the flashlight so far. The battery charge seems to last a long time.I do, though, wish it had a mode memory. Not a big fan of cycling through all the modes.Friends are always impressed with its light output.
    Great bang-for-buck flashlight. I would recommend it.
  • Very Bright.. Could be better.

    posted by sparktastic

    Excellent design, with a nice deep aluminum mirrored reflector that matches the XM-L well. Probably one of the best designed tail caps for tail standing & grip too.Actually a pretty decent thrower for a large die LED. Obviously doesn't throw like a Q5 or R2, but the overall light output is three times as much as a these.Good O-Rings and overall construction.Mode memory works well.
    If the stock driver is removed and a 8x AM7135 2.8A driver is installed, this light will be very impressive indeed. The replacement driver can be programmed to only three modes (H,M & L) and should provide a well regulated 700+ lumen output down to 3.6V.
    Good single 18650 host for the XM-L emitter providing decent throw and masses of light on high. Really needs a driver transplant to take full advantage of a single 18650. My favorite (out of four others I now own) XM-L host. Soon to have a 8x AM7135 driver fitted.

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