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  • seems good

    posted by alexs101

    really bright. Several modes of light. Looks great. Accepts AA rechargables.
    Although mine came with torn off rubber band arounf thread, I dont think it's gonna be a problem with waterproofness. I like sturdy metallik construction of this light. Very bright also.
    Will see how long it lasts. But I am pleased as of now, cant wait for the season to open )
  • Not a bad light, some small issues

    posted by atvkilla

    -Nice small size torch-VERY bright-Very useful and floody beam-Nice GITD tailpiece-It does tailstand-Did I mention it's bright?
    Overall a very nice light...a 3.75 out of 5 stars I would give. Bright! Very nice floody beam that illuminates the entire yard, out to 60 yards easy.BUT, of course, poor machining and QC. The body housing is uneven. Protected batteries fit VERY tight...I have to unsrew both ends to push out the battery.Memory mode is very quirky. When I first got it, it would reset back to high after shutting off for 2 or 3 seconds. Then it changed so now it resets after around 10 seconds. Occasionally it is still resetting back to high after 3 seconds. I can't figure out why. When I first had it, it also was flickering quite a lot. That seems to have stopped.One thing I have to say is I am a little dissapointed in runtime. I wanted to use this for Mountain Biking and the beam pattern would be perfect for this, but it only lasts around 35-40 minutes on High. Medium got me around 1:40 or so. However, this torch on medium is still slightly brighter than my Trustfire TR-801 on high, with a nicer flo
    Pretty good light with some common issues. Very bright at the expense of lower runtimes. I will be using this to bike with, but I question whether it'll be as dependable as my TR-801. One thing is certain that I will still be carrying my 801 on rides; just in case!
  • Really bright

    posted by Garfield99

    It is a big and a heavy light. But it is also very bright. After 5 minutes its getting warm, not hot. So it is possible to use it for a longer time in highest mode. In my opinion a good mixture between throw and flood.
    With only 2 of the flamed trustfires the driver sucks 4.5A from the batteries! So you need really good batteries if you would like to use it with only 2 cells. I recommend to use 26650 in this case. With 3 cells it takes 2,4A. So you see that this torch consumes about 30 watts. The result of 30watts in combination with 5 XM-L LEDs is: A very bright light.
    This torch is so big an heavy. I think it doesn´t matter if the head would be a little bigger. Probably the 5 LED´s would like it, if they would get a reflector which is a little larger.Nevertheless. In my opinion this flashlight is a recommendation.
  • very powerful, small xm-lt6 light

    posted by nra222

    Very powerful, nice case quality, magnet on tailcap, it does have memory, beam is somewhere between spot and flood, stepless brightnes adjustment.
    It is easy to put small spring on + terminal inside and it eliminates turning off problem. Adjusting to full power is easy - just twist tail cap slightly of and on.
    Very nice compact and powerful light. Works very well as bike light with sku.31871
  • 40m test passed

    posted by bunnyhu

    Well crafted, robust and small. Good brightness, the accumulator and the charger is included in a nice box. So this is a complet set, ready to use. The switch is magnet, so there is one less possibility to leaking, ah and do not forget the 3 level + SOS that is still only in the high price category.
    I just plan to order one more for me, and one for my girlfriend. For this price ... its a gift.
    Worst torches from branded diving factorys over 100 USD. Buy this and enjoy :)


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