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  • Very nice backup ligh

    posted by hhouter

    This is a real backup light that does it's job perfectly as it is supposed to. It is a Q5 led and emits about 160 lumen in a very nice narrow spot. Since it's plastic its lite and the box in which it is delivered is 100% complete, charger, a 18650 2200 mah battery, cord, manual and a nice gift box. One other nice thing to know is that by ticking the switch for the second time to on it reduces the light to about 50%, ticking it again it goes back to 100%. very handy and good to know. The build is very solid, no additional work needed to take it on a dive.
    I worked with similar other ones several times and since I only dive in the sea the switches (magnetic / metal stuff that is part of the switch was corroding) because of the salt water after a few months. I will see how the switch here handles the salt water, good to try out.
    Very solid, lite torch with the 18650 battery and holder inside this is the best and longest combination you can probably get out of such a light. The other ones I used had the standard AA cells (4) but I like the one 18650 combination much more..
  • Nice BRIGHT Little Light!!

    posted by Richsifu

    Excellent little AA pocket light. It takes standard AA 1.2-1.5 volts or my favorites, the 14500 3.7 volt batteries, but it's still pretty bright even with AA batteries. Compares in brightness to my $30 XENO E03 rated at 430 OTF (Out the Front) lumens, even though this one is lesser at 350lms it's still very bright with a great wide beam that lights a good sized area but is less floody than the XENO so it has further throw. I've taken this out to the forest and it shines several hundred feet and lights up a great area. I have not tested the run time yet but so far I'm on my first 14500 battery and I play with it and use it every day for the past week or so since I got it. Changes mode with a half press of the clicky switch which feels pretty solid and should last a long time. Nice size, feels good in the hand and the strike bezel sticks out just enough to strike with but is easy to hide in your hand. It had DOUBLE O-ring seals on the end cap so it should be very waterproof and probably dunk proof too. My XENO is rated to 30 feet water resistance with it's double O-ring seals. This is the only other AA light I've seen that also has double O-Ring seals, but I'm not going to test it underwater to find out.
    Well made, great EDC light, bright enough for any use, while the dimmest mode is great for walking around at night without waking someone up, using in a movie theater or such even with a 14500 battery.
    Great light. I was not sure if it would actually be 350lms and while I've not tested it with an integrated sphere, comparing it to my XENO and other lights it seems to be about right as it's very bright with great throw, great battery run time so far and it has a good low mode too. Highly recommended
  • Good back-up diving light

    posted by ivha09

    - can be used for signaling- easy to use- firm beam- switch cannot flood the light- lightweight- both adaptor for Li-ion and AAA batteries are included- charger for Li-ion comes in handy
    charger needs a flat to round adaptor to use in EU - Better order one (SKU: 3529) together with the flashlight if you are planning to use Li-ion Batteries
    I bought this flashlight as a back-up diving light. With this in mind - it serves the purpose, so money well spend.
  • Decent GR5 LED Light

    posted by andan

    1) It's one of the nicest looking lights on DX. The chrome attack head bezel combined with the anodized black aluminum tubing is very nice.
    2) I love the addition of the GITD tail switch. GITD = glow in the dark.
    3) It can head and tail stand perfectly.
    4) Bright. It's brighter than my old Dexlight (later 14500 version). The spot has a soft edge and more concentrated than the X2000 (P4-WC) when the X2000 is zoomed into the same level.
    5) Removable attach head bezel.
    6) Glass lens and smooth aluminum reflector.
    7) Possible water resistance given there are O-rings in the head and tail screw portions as well as on the outer inside with the lens.
    8) Wrist lanyard. 1 inch longer than the length of the light (measuring just the fabric loop end).
    Even though the attack head bezel can be unscrewed, the lens, reflector, and emitter (heatsink, etc) are not removable. It is sealed into the head portion of the light.
    It's long and so far one of the longest tube lights I have from DX. I don't see this as a con, but it does make finding a good case/holder more challenging.
    It's quite bright and from my own side-by-side observations, as bright as my Dexlight (14500 type). It's got a decent-sized spot that's pretty concentrated, smooth, soft-edged, and throws quite far (still quite bright at 20 feet away).
    It's not a cheap flashlight compared to a slew of other offerings on DX. It's easy to use, except for the fact that only one 18650 battery will fit (has to have a flat positive head). Build quality is nice, though the threads could be smoother. Useful, but not for long periods (30-50 minute durations).
    Bottom line? Worth the buy in my opinion. I'm itching to buy a second one. It's a nice looking flashlight. :)
  • otima lanterna, muito forte e resistente..

    posted by BRANDINO

    lanterna de boa qualidade, muito forte o feche de luz, material de boa qualidade, vem com clip e um laço para prender na moa
    comprei essa lanterna pensando que seu feche de luz seria fraco mas a mesma me surpreendeu o feche de luz é muito bom e forte, ela tem trés modos de luz, forte, médio e intermitente, já usei varias vezes e gostei ela só não vem com carregador e bateria, acho que poderia vir
    adorei a lanterna recomendo para que queira uma, fácil de usar e um ótimo preço, boa para pescar......


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