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led compass Customers Reviews

  • Good tool for survival

    posted by TearOfTheStar

    - Small (for its capabilities)- Good ammount of hot sparks- Working compass- Good amount of magnesium (stick itself and 1 round block)- Usefull information on kit itself & Signalling mirror- Flashlight and mirror
    - Cheap and weak cord (not paracord) can be paracord? it is no so pricey
    Usefull tool for real emergency (not for constant use, to small ferrorod) small and working for 100%. Worth the price.
  • I'm impressed

    posted by Mattrepairs

    1. Bright light, small led maybe 3mm or something. about 8,000 mcd.2. Great compass, liquid filled with no bubbles and really smooth movement. no catching/hanging up.3. Loud whistle. Really really loud.I had my doubts about everything when ordering but the whistle is insane.4. Great thermo and hygro. Thermo within 3 degrees of digital and my other old murcury. and the hygro is always within 3% of my high end unit.5. Great firesteel, really sparks alot. BUT, it's TINY 1" by 1/8". but works really good.6. magnifying lense starts a fire. I tried and it did it.
    make sure you get a pack of sku-02893 Individually Packed CR1220 Cell Batteriesfor the flashlight in it. then your good to go a while. The gold pin does not hold the 2 halves together it stores in the hinge and maybe makes it stronger but they don't come apart. The gold pin is to put in the tiny holes to push out all the accessories. The light switch for the led might be the real weakness since its flimsy. I think i'm going to grind the switch flush to avoid accidental turn on. and snagging in my survival bag.
    It's really a solid piece of survival gear. maybe not the most amazing thing ever but I'm really into it.BUY IT. especially if your looking at all these all in one survival whistle/tools
  • Practice and efficient

    posted by berope

    Good size
    Lens came clean without marks and without stains
    LED LIGHT and UV are strong and well addressed for the point of the object
    It seems to be durable and resistant
    The lateral border is higher than the lens, help to avoid scratches
    The button that activates the LEDS feels well hand
    I did not see so much difficulty changing the batteries as they talked, it is am position the key to right, letting UV light in the position (on) and to rotate the disk in the heartfelt before schedule that the cover goes out from the support.
    It increases enough for you read small fonts, like the medicine bulls, in general is good.
    The light of the white LED is strong clarifies well, help to search things in the darkness
    The LED UV is efficient to examine dollars
    I posted some photos (numbers 20 to 26 )
    If you need a magnifying glass to have at home this is for ideal
    By the cheap price values the purchase
  • Go ahead, give it a blow

    posted by E_Man

    A handy little all in one tool good for camping or back-packing, wherever you might be. It does all that it says it will and can be taken almost completely apart.
    Pair it up with sku 12590 for a fairly good pocket survival set. I haven't tested the compartment to see if it's waterproof. I hope that it would be.
    A good addition to any order. Wether you want to bump the total over the next $10, or it just caught your eye as an interesting toy. If you're disappointed, you shouldn't have bought it.
  • Nice emergency light

    posted by origralph

    puts out more light than i expected - lights a 22 X 19' room well enough to see and find things, you're not going to read a newspaper by this light, but in an emergency this is one nice light. Build quality is not the best, but decent - got about 6+ hours of good light before i turned it off still throwing about 85-90% of the light when i first turned it on - was just testing it for duration - suspect it'll go at least another 3-4
    liked it enough to buy 4 more, for myself and family
    i'd definitely recommend it


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