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led colorful strip

You can easily find the latest low priced led colorful strip offered at our online shop. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. You can find what you want at ir led strip, 3528 led strip. Find your beloved cool gadgets right now.
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led colorful strip Customers Reviews

  • original one

    posted by elomy2010

    Its small and lightweight, has plenty of buttons to use. The connection to the led stripe was the one i needed so thats perfect for me. I connected to a 5m RGB 5050 led stripe and it works great!
    None, they work and that's what matter. Couldn't fit me better.They are great.
    Good clean fun for messing around with LEDs!Its a good choice for you, the price and the benefits are really good.
  • A best buy

    posted by Cicaro

    - One of the most priceworthy led strips availible!
    - Robust!
    - Bright enough for soft lightening behind cupboards, tellies etc.
    If I need 5 more metres I would probably buy one another of this SKU.
  • Works like a charm!

    posted by AhizFIN

    Very bright light, easy to see in daylight too. Super easy to install! Very much different options and speeds of flashing, remote is easy to use with fast learning.
    All what i was missing, was option to put blue and red lights flashing, like in police car. But maybe thats why there aint that option ;)
    Quite useless, but very fun toy to put in car etc. I have had so many smiles from people when Celica goes by and Knight Rider lights are flashing =)
  • Lots of lights

    posted by 25080205

    Lots of lights! Quality good enough, no visible flaws. 8 different blinking modes works well. Simple but reliable thing, may last long few years - LED bulbs has very long life.
    It very long - you need really big NY tree for this, 2 m. or more. On small tree so many lights looks... bit funny. Most of blinking modes are too fast. Slo-glo mode may be best of all. And steady on, of course.
    Good decoration for family NY tree.
  • Bright lights, nice effects, fixable remote

    posted by acidratio

    300 bright LEDs on tape strip with 3M self-adhesive. Flash effects are superior to other similar products in that you get a "moving" sequence option in addition to the fade and strobe effects. My DVD remote, old VCR remote, and current cable box remotes also control the light effects.
    The item comes without an AC/DC adapter. If you're somewhat of an electronics rat pack geek like me, then you should already have some old adapter in your arsenal. I had 18 in my collection with different outputs for volts & amperes. I found one with 12Vdc and 1.2 Amps was the best to use. It lit the lights as brightly as they could get without heating them up too much.
    Once you fix the wiring in the remote and tape strip, all buttons work perfectly and as they are noted. The dancing flash effects and closely positioned LEDs make this a better deal than other similar items on DX. I'm very satisfied with the product considering its cost.

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