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Buy a led color from DX.com! It's your best choice. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. color led flashlight, led color control may be more suitable for you. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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led color Customers Reviews

  • Works sweet

    posted by tracyching

    Super easy to get up and running. Connected this to LED dome light 12v 8.9w panel. Works nice in aquarium hood. RF signal range works across the room - very nice and convenient.
    May not work with all 330mA drivers. It didn't work with SKU 47060 current source. LED Light flickered at 50% with 7w COB LED 22volts. SKU 47060 driver has design flaw.
    Great but expensive.
  • Worth the money.

    posted by DrSartorius

    Very sturdy design, looks very expensive. Chrome finish is smooth and shiny. No drips, gives a smooth, tight flow. When diodes shine - it looks amazing! The flow of water surrounds, very nice shower.
    I removed the diodes and a broken generator, now have a shower without light. But the price of the shower is so small that it is ok. In my country this size shower costs four times as much.
    Very well-designed, it looks great and works well. The problem may be in the generator light.
  • great shower! low price!

    posted by Pulim

    price! price! the connections is made of plastic. but by this price, is acceptable.
    none. price! buy. buy. although the quality is not expected, worth the price charged. I believe that the plastic part, when broken, can be replaced.
    price! buy. buy. although the quality is not expected, worth the price charged. I believe that the plastic part, when broken, can be replaced.
  • beautiful and very inexpensive Christmas lights

    posted by geliard

    Beautiful and very inexpensive Christmas garland with lights. Such a thing in our country is worth at least 3 times more expensive. I am very pleased with the quality. Wires and diodes well soldered and insulated. Garland is very long and can be several times to wind the Christmas tree. There are several programs flashing lights in garland. Some look very pretty.
    good buy, I'm sure will serve a long time.
    great buy, I'm happy.
  • Still works great over one year later

    posted by fruzzetti

    Fantastic shower head.
    Swivel-mount so you can turn it.
    Clips onto any existing hose mount.
    Fits standard size hose (US).
    Vivid color is enough to shower by in the dark!
    Decent spray pattern.
    Fakey chrome finish is pretty durable (holds up to my 3yrold playing with it), though it is just finished plastic.
    The water to my home is hard, but mineral deposits are not forming on the inside. Water still flows through it as well as when it was new, which is astounding.
    If you have or know a family with young children, BUY IT. Kids can easily be trained with "blinking red means too hot" or "red is too hot" or whatever you need, which is like a layer of protection for loved ones.

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