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  • Good output in a small package.

    posted by RangerRandP

    Good Light output especially considering the size.
    Fits comfortably in the hand, but does not feel like it will slip.
    Small size, perfect for the pocket.
    The back switch is textured which is nice for finding it without looking.
    Uses either CR123 or rechargeable 16340 which are rather easy to find.
    Skip the clip all together and machine the whole thing round.
    The reflector is filled, which works, but does not throw a beam at all.
    The threads are good and clean, but light still looses contact every now and then. Easily fixed just wiggle around a little bit.
    It is press fitted together so modding would not be simple.
    It works for close up and gives out alot of light for it's compact size. Would recommend to someone who isn't looking to tinker with it and just needs a small light with decent output.
  • Good build, easy of use...

    posted by IronHeart

    The head-lamp is small and lightweight, the light is bright enough. Head strap is fitting good.
    The missing clip is a little bit disturbing for me, because I use this lamp in the car and sometimes I need to mount it somewhere to bring a light in a specific place.
    For this price its a really good tool (if the clip isn´t missing).
  • Great lil gift light or backup

    posted by Arkkky

    It's a great little light for gifting or for a backup light to your higher power light. AAA so you can get batteries anywhere. It's an LED so it'll last a long time. It's what I would expect for a cheap AAA flashlight. The textured button is gives it decent grip to turn it on. The clip is long and strong.
    I bought these for my emergency kits. They are next to the main flashlight for backup use. I took my mother in law shopping tonight and gave one to her for her purse. I didn't think twice because the light was so inexpensive.
  • Good light for book reading

    posted by stuntas

    Rather strong light. For reading my kindle I use only one of two lights. Light on battery. Has a USB connector, that's convenient if you use it with laptop.
    Very nice and convenient light. Easy to use, rather good clipper grip. I use it with kindle and other books and it holds perfectly.
    Good value for money. Light is very bright when clipping on book or on kindle.
  • Nice and simple

    posted by pentiuminnero

    - Good build quality.- 1 mode light is all I need.- Very pleasant color temperature.- My protected 18650 Cells fit fine.
    This is great light for everyday or casual use. Not complicated modes, just on/off. I like the color temp of the emitter. The light is not as yellow as in the pictures, but close to regular halogen or lightbulb flashlights. IMHO Much nicer than that cool blueish light most of LED light's have. Maybe close to 3500 kelvin and 300-400 lumens.
    If u need 1 mode light and like warmer light than regular LEDs look no further.


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