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  • Interesting, and somewhat useful

    posted by blibbler

    Cheaper than other similar bulbsEasy to select particular colours or brightnessesLots of colour changing functions
    I think this kind of light is best used as a regular light >90% of the time, but have the flexibility to change it to something else fairly easily. Unfortunately while it is trivial to set the bulb to a particular colour, it is more difficult to set it to white.
    Its much cheaper than other multicoloured bulbs, and if you are curious about them, it is worth a go.
  • work as expected

    posted by rburney

    The LED dimmer is doing what it is supposed to do. There is also a on/off switch included when you turn the dimmer to the very low position.The build is ok, the DC connectors and cables are good quality.
    packaged in a small box, with small user manual explaining the product. Even if you don't really it a manual I have to appreciate the effort as it is not always the case for the items on the dx site.
    Buy it if you want to reduce and change the light from a led strip.
  • A real Gadget

    posted by Aachen

    Seen with a friend and listened to it. So i thought: I must have. He bought it locally at Patong Beach during dinner. Good sound, easy to use, real surprise.
    Nice for travel and phone use.. SMALL, BUT POWERFUL. I like it very much.
    Buy! This little Boombox does everything it should as expected...
  • Decent PWM dimmer

    posted by ed2096

    Well built PWM dimmerWorks as advertised, tested driving LED strip, works almost fully across the dial range
    Look at the labels carefully which wire goes whereWould be nice to see a "bare" model, with just parts and no housing.I hardly use it after setting it in place. Might be cheaper options depending on the application
    Useful to have if you don't want to build your own PWM dimmer. I use it to drive LEDs
  • No problem - Do what it has to do

    posted by Pieren

    Standard talkie walkie with the main functions expected on this type of device
    When you try to program it for information i didn't succed with windows 7 and an usb cable, I was succeeded with a serial cable and windows XP only so...
    Good product for the price if you succeed to change the frequencies which is not so easy for a newbie !

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