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led ceiling lights

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase led ceiling lights here and you can save money at the same time. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Browse led grow lights or led flood lights to find what you are looking for. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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led ceiling lights Customers Reviews

  • Great light!

    posted by fabianpena

    Great finishing, size, etc. Very powerful light. Excellent brightness with only 6 watts of consumption. Very use to install. They are packaged well in a plastic shell and then in side a small box.
    I highly recommend it if you are looking for something small with powerful white light.
    Very satisfied with the productSmall, well made, efficient and with a reasonable price. I strongly recommend this product.
  • Good LED light panel

    posted by GadgetMe

    The light panel is a white light. 196 leds combined together makes for a nice bright light. I have a couple of these around the house. One is in the kitchen. The original light was broken since i moved in and only installed this led light panel recently. It has given the small kitchen a new lease of life...If you stand out of the kitchen and look in during the day, it looks like its a sky light and letting natural sunshine light in....weird but great! I love the whiteness of the light. none of this warm crap :) I must say the kitchen is painted white so would bounce the light better. I also have one in a boxroom which i use for computer room. The light is great. Not much shadow casting but there is some....The walls are painted blue so strangely the light doesnt seem as nice as in the kitchen. When looking at circuit boards i found it very hard to see small components ratings (maybe need more light)Its easy to affix to celing.
    Packaging is ok. Came in a simple cardboard box (which was opened by customs)
    Impressive cheapish led light panel. I want one like this but 4 times as big :) it reminds me of a florescent light. some shadows cast.I bought 3 so far and will buy more. I hope to join four of them up together for some kick-ass light.
  • Sooo Bright

    posted by jason3947

    -seems as bright as the 1.8W light.
    -amazingly tiny construction
    -extremely bright
    -hurts eyes even in daytime! wasn't
    expecting that one!
    -super clean white colour
    way smaller than i imagined even with the dimensions posted. think of 2 dimes sitting next to eachother.
    makes some weird materials glow weird colours when shone upon, i mean things like flourecent orange plastic. like on toys
    awsome product!
    soo much light
    bright white colour, everything looks like its right colour, no weird gamut
  • Good Led ceiling light

    posted by iknack

    good qualityextremely brightThe direction of the beam is adjustable. It uses only 1 Watteasy to installcan be connected in any country without any modification
    i really like it and it is very useful. I bought a lot of it and i am very happy with the result.
    This is a very good product for those who need to put a lot of lights, since it is very bright and it only uses 1 W. I would really recommend it because of its price and quality
  • A lot of light

    posted by adje1

    I planned to put 6 of these in a 10m2 room. It's a bit much. The light is nice and warm. I've drilled 8cm holes; they are easy to install.
    Buy an even number, the odd one got the most damage.
    A lot of light for the price. I haven't tried all, but the ones with most transport damage worked fine. Despite dents in the alu and chips off the glass. I decided to install anyway, as the damage is hard to see with light off and impossible (too bright) to see with light on.

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