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led ceiling bulb Customers Reviews

  • Sooo Bright

    posted by jason3947

    -seems as bright as the 1.8W light.
    -amazingly tiny construction
    -extremely bright
    -hurts eyes even in daytime! wasn't
    expecting that one!
    -super clean white colour
    way smaller than i imagined even with the dimensions posted. think of 2 dimes sitting next to eachother.
    makes some weird materials glow weird colours when shone upon, i mean things like flourecent orange plastic. like on toys
    awsome product!
    soo much light
    bright white colour, everything looks like its right colour, no weird gamut
  • The warmest white

    posted by Aspecam

    It has a really warm white colour, comparing it with others. I installed in my car with a mr16 adapter and everything it's OK. The materials are good and the bulb looks elegant. 3w is very low comparing with the normal ones of 20 or 50w, the light it is a bit less but I think you would save a lot of money.
    Like all the leds the light is very directly, it would be great a light more open, with more grades.
    It is a very good way for save money, but you must bee secure that fit's on your hole.
  • Amazing LED dome light

    posted by cornflaker

    These LED dome light replacements are great because they use very little power in comparison to the stock bulbs (0.9W vs about 10W),they are very bright (I looked directly into the LEDs when i first turned it on and could see 6 brown spots wherever i looked for like 20 minutes lol),they come with a range of adapters to fit nearly all 12v light sockets,and... they are GREEN!!! White LED lights are better than the stock yellow ones, but who cares about white when you can have GREEN :D
    These things are great, just make sure to diffuse them somehow if you have lost you cars stock diffuser...
    Buy one (or a couple) now, seriously you wont regret it.
  • bright!!

    posted by aznvi3tkidz

    This item fits perfectly into a Honda S2000. I replaced the 2 dome's bulb with two of these. These are very bright and very well build. Price is decent.
    Make sure they fit in the dome before u purchase the item. Like i said.. two of these fit perfectly into a Honda S2000.
    Get this item if u need to replace the dome light. Not sure how long they will last but these seem to be very well made. 500 characters requirement is very annoying.500 characters requirement is very annoying.500 characters requirement is very annoying.
  • Makes your car glow in the dark!

    posted by lasermanathome

    Very convenient lightsource with almost no heat-dissipation and with adapters for all kind of carlights.For homeuse with AC adapters (9-14VAC) it can replace a 20W halogenbulb.Designlight for the kitchen and all those places where the usual halogenlights do not suit or fit in.
    because the MTBF iu very high, you don't have to worry about replace, they last almost forever (Voltage not higher than 12VDC.)Stick them under your cupboard in your kitchen, the colour is much better than halogenand uses less than 10% of the energy.
    buy, save and have fun.


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