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Every single led ceiling 3500k displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Of course, you can find them from 3w ceiling led, 5w ceiling led. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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led ceiling 3500k Customers Reviews

  • Smaller than appear

    posted by erivanayres

    Strong light. Nice color. Nice finish. Modern design. Easy to install. Great decoration light.
    I bought it to know the device and maybe buy more for my ceiling illumination. I quit. I'll look for another one and pay more attention in the size specifications.
    It's a nice point of light, great for decoration. But not for my purpose. If you're thinking in decoration light, buy it. Worth the price.
  • This review has numerical results.

    posted by Stubi

    -Cheap like everything on DX.-The total power of the LEDs in the lamp is actually 5 W. Surprisingly the item description is correct from this aspect.
    LED:There are 10 pcs of 0.5 W SMD LED in the lamp soldered onto an Al core PCB. Check my pics. The PCB board of the LEDs warms up to 57 C° after 1 hour of operation.Heat sink: Made of aluminum. Warms up to 44 C° after 1 hour of operation on free air with 24 C° environmental temperature. Power supply: The high-frequency transformer is the hottest point, it heats up to 52C° after 1 hour of operation. The size and the design of the PCB seems to be appropriate to drive a 5 W LED. Check my pics.
    LED power is as advertised. Light amount is definitely less than 450 lm. Color temperature is around 3500 K as advertised.
  • Very good down lighter, bit big.

    posted by Mecallie

    - Bright! This will give a 50Watt halogen a run for it's money. I think it really is brighter than a 50Watt halogen.- Nice aluminium finish, looks very durable!- Very good light colour, not white or yellow, just right. Like a normal halogen spot.- Good heatsink, gets warm to the touch but not hot after 2 hours of continuous on. Light should not overheat after continued use.- The light is adjustable (you can tilt it on it's axis)
    Would be nice to sell in sets, 3 of these can light up a kitchen or bathroom. 6 would be plenty for a living room :)Don't know if they are dimable, but that would be really sweet! :)
    Excellent light, great quality for the price!
  • Ceiling light to replace a recessed incandescent fitting

    posted by rolypolynz

    Cost - relatively cheapOne detail missing from the specifications, it fits a 153mm hole in the ceiling.Runs cool to touch even after several hours of being switched on. This means there is less heat loss through the ceiling as I can cover the light with insulation.
    Definitely a warm light but much whiter than a 100W incandescent bulb. Would probably look ok if these were the only lights in the ceiling but next to regular lights, it looks too bright and white.
    Looks like I'll be replacing all my light fittings with these :)
  • Nice light - great price

    posted by BruceM

    The build seems higher quality that some things I have ordered from DX before. I have not installed it yet, but I have tested it out & it seems totally acceptable. I have a bunch of their 30 light strips that I had planned to use for lighting in the house I am building, but the warm tone & pivot ability of this light has me changing plans. I also like the dedicated transformer. Fortunately the low price allows me to shelve the other lights without worry.
    I'm a furniture builder - this little light will be used in future projects.
    Buy it!


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