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  • Perfect

    posted by bubak99

    It´s perfect spot lightingget many more light for low money ! Maybe work high beam only. life 100,000 hours + IP67 + 1500 lumens = to make this world the best choice.Who can engage light on the switch no problem. Who does not experience look for something different with complete cabling and switches. Or disposed of by the practitioner involvement
    Maybe work high beam only. Add switches and cabling, for those who are not familiar with electricity. Back cover black color is not white, it's not pretty. Package for the money it is sufficient
    Best Buy for little money
  • Good price but its too big to fit in my C3.

    posted by krokras

    Very cheap compared to swedish prices. Seems like good quality. The light is very bright.
    My Citroen "eats" a lot of lightbulbs every year so i thought it would be a great idea to put LED in it because they are not as sensitive as other lights. The LED lamps is more expencive but you dont have to switch them as often as other lights.
    The light is good and bright and you get it for a good price. But its a shame its so "thick" so it doesnt fit in my car.
  • Very good lamp

    posted by NotumV

    Being a motorcycle lamp has everything you need, the material is strong, also has all threaded parts come with a silicone seal provides perfect insulation against the ravages of climate
    Apart from being used in a motorcycle can be used fully at home. Clearly, the circuit must be armed with 12volt, but it works well.
    For any use, it will be a good option. (For motorcycles, cars and even for home)
  • Fantastic toy

    posted by renjisasi

    A very good quality product for a decent price. It is performing as claimed. The features as really fascinating. Even the minutest details have been provided like anti-theft alarm(really cute) The engine starting sound is really nice. Kids enjoy it really.
    I am really impressed with the technology they have built into this small toy.. It has different modes pre-programmed into it in addition to all the normal running using remote.
    I would advice to buy this as a great toy. More than a toy its technology ;) Go ahead and try it out

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