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led cap light Customers Reviews

  • Great light.. Not meant for abuse though.

    posted by LoneRider

    I'm out fishing most weekends and usually this light is in my pack if I know I won't be in the dark for too long (2-3hrs max). Anything more and I'd bring a proper headlight with me.
    -clips onto the brim of my cap snugly without leaving unsightly marks
    -small and light thus fits into my pack or clips on my cap easily.
    -bright enough for close up work (tying hooks and rigs)
    -Black is a good colour, I've the silver version but that refects a bit too much glare from the water.
    not terribly cheap, not very well built but if well taken care of it should last you a while.
    Great for light travelling or where every ounce of weight counts but if you know you're going to be out in the dark for extended period do think of a proper torch as a backup or get one of the headlights that DX offers as you'd get brighter, longer run times with more common battery options
  • excellent product and good quality

    posted by edutesoura

    excellent product and good quality.............if you want to get a good signal on your bike or motorcycle that is a great product ........for easy installation and excellent quality ......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;
    is put on the beak so it fills the tire and floor, my floor without even blinking ja, so that the battery does not spend let them off. good quality stuff ........;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    recommend to the driver to get a good signal ............,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;
  • Nice, nice, nice!

    posted by Tessa25

    It is small, has nice blue colour. It is so amazing in the evening in the dark. It works when you move. Your bicycle will be visible to other bicycles, cars, pedestrians. It is very easy to mount on your bicycle – you just have to replace your standart cap. It uses very low battery.
    It could be a nice gift to your children or to a friend who is fond of bicycle riding.
    I definitely recommend you to buy it. You will not regret your purchase!!!
  • Cheap vibration led sensor

    posted by Yamhp

    Very Cheap vibration wheel led multicolores sensor.The light really shines.Very easy use.Fits on my valve.Metal material is good
    If you want a Cheap led wheel vibration sensor that sometimes do not works you can try it.I will check diferent ones to inox if are them beter.
    Buy if you want a Cheap stuff.Remember that sometimes stops to work
  • Great for bicycle

    posted by Ingustan

    Vibrant colors and bright light. The flicker is cool and it's quite sensitive to motion. Very fun and cool gift for the kids. Great at night.
    The original idea was to get them for my car, and also to test them on my bike. When I got a hold of them I realized they are too heavy for a car unless you're willing to couple them with new balancers and rebalance the wheels. I would not recommend them for cars also because of their size as it would have detrimental effects at higher speeds where aerodynamics and centrifugal force are more significant. For bicycles, however, they are great! I put them on my little brother's bike and he had an amazing time that evening.
    Great for bicycles. May be too large for cars.

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