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These cool led camera waterproof are high quality and at affordable prices. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. Try browsing waterproof ir camera, waterproof security camera. DX is the best cool gadgets provider, so take action now and come take a look at our site dx.com.
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led camera waterproof Customers Reviews

  • Very good IP-Camera

    posted by Peter1975

    This is a very good IP-camera for it's value. There is no camera of this quality avaiable in my country (NL)for this price. The case of the camera is of good material and it comes with good software in English. I'm planning to use it with Milstone or ISpy software. But the software out of the box is working good. Tested it in heavy rain and experienced no problem with that.
    As I said. The mounting foot should be able to over the connector. Or an elevating mounting ring should be added.
    Very good camera for it's value. I'm will be ordering a few more to create a cheap and good monitoring system for my house. If you want a good IP-camera, buy this one.
  • Good Action camera to compete with GoPro

    posted by bynesetcustoms

    i was sceptical to the sylindric camera at first. as the price was so low, and everybody buys the real GoPro... for the xxx price of this one, but as i got it and tested, it turned out to be very good! a bit difficult at first to get a hang of the 3 buttons, what does what... but when that is in order, the picture, video and Motion detected picture\video works nice!acutally, the motion detecting picture\video option is very usefull when surveilling your house, car or used on the wargame field to get what happens and not everything else.nightvision function also good enough for me! :)tested in both hot, cold, water and gravel\mud and it just keeps on going! offroad use, wargames with direct hit on the lens, no problem!
    just happy with it, so i bought 3 of these, using one on my wargame helmet, one pointing forward on my paintball gun and one pointing backwards on my paintballgun :) very satisfied with the camera!also you should buy a 32gb sd micro card for it, it can record for hours!! good batterytime also!
    Very nice buy for the price! since i bought 3 i would recomend it easily :)
  • Very nice for the price

    posted by jmunkki

    - Considering the price, I think the video quality (including the quality of the wide angle optics) is quite good. People are generally blown away when they learn how much it cost.
    - The camera can vibrate (like most cell phones do), allowing operation even when it's too bright to see the LED lights on top of it.
    - It does capture OK audio if you don't need it to be waterproof.
    - You can use the camera as a surveillance tool: it has video & still modes that activate when the sensor image changes and it can automatically delete old photos when the memory card is full.
    - There appear to be several different models of the camera. Some come with IR LEDs, others are with visible light LEDs only. There are 8 LEDs and all of them on mine are white light, which is fine with me, because it also makes the camera work well as a LED flashlight.
    - You'll need a display that can show composite video (NSTC default) to change the settings on the camera and to set the date. If you have a display, it's really easy. If you don't have one, you can't access most of the settings.
    - Highest quality motion JPEG recording results in about 100MB/minute. An 8GB SDHC card will probably hold about 80 minutes.
    - The camera survived my first windsurfing day, but it's too early to say how it will hold up in the long run.
    Here's a link to the first windsurfing video I made today with the camera:
    I'm quite pleased with the camera. The windsurfing footage came out a bit better than I expected based on earlier testing on dry land.
  • Great buy

    posted by avskumgud

    This snake works fine on a Macintosh computer OSX, plug n play out of the box. Picture quality is good, and the adjustable light is bright and clear.The camera and cable seems like good quality.
    I wish that the 7mm camera itself could be a bit shorter. I have used it to check leaks on 18mm and 22mm plastic water tubes, but the length of the camera makes it hard to pass trough bends.I have not tried 15mm tube yet, but belive a bend will be impossible.The fucus point is very short, so you see maybe from 0-2cm from the camera, which is ideal for checking tubes. I have tried to look inside a dry wall trough a small hole, but the short focus made it kind of hard.
    This is a great produkt for a good price, I highly recomend it.
  • Excellent gadget. Easy to use and very helpful.

    posted by cernox

    -Easy to use: Simply connect to Mac and see in Photo Booth.- Very clear image for both close and long views.- Sturd construction.- Long cable.
    Great product. I have not test it with USB extension cable, but guess that it will work. I have test it only in Mac running OS X. I have not test it with windows or linux, but it should work.The cable is long enough for all my purposes.
    Useful for inspecting pipes and hard to see corners. Good gadget for price.

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