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led bulb smd mr16 Customers Reviews

  • The best MR16 bulb I bought

    posted by pfg1982

    - Emits nice white light that's not too cool like some other LED bulbs are.- Light does not flicker; easy on the eyes.- Some MR16 bulbs are too 'tall' and protrudes when installed in existing halogen bulb sockets. This bulb has almost identical dimensions as conventional halogen bulb. Which means you can easily replace your halogen bulb with this LED bulb without worries.- Plastic cover at the front looks cheap, but it protects the LEDs.- Vented holes surrounding the front means it allows good ventilation to cool the heatsink at the back of the bulb.
    The overall construction of this bulb is pretty rugged. I won't need handle it with extreme caution, worrying it will drop and break into pieces. I've had SKU39768 and it's made of the same shell as conventional halogen bulbs, so it's literally breakable and it did break because I dropped it accidentally...
    This is one of the best MR16 bulbs available. Comfortable white light with no flicker, reasonable brightness and rugged construction...Definitely one of the MR16 bulbs I'd recommend...
  • Useful bulb with some drawbacks

    posted by Alexke

    - Brightness is OK at this power consumption.- Easy to install- Length comparable to a normal reflector lamp- Viewing angle comparable to reflector bulb
    Maybe the cooling is to weak to work over a long time in a warm room.
    The bulbs are useful if one doesn't care of colour reproduction. Their brightness is OK (but weaker than 35 W halogen, though) and light spreads smooth over a large angle. Especially when the lamp does not allow installation of longer bulbs (such as mine), this bulb is a good choice.
  • Decent cool white bulb

    posted by AntonKk

    A good kind of cool white, not irritatingly blue as some other lights.
    Good price per lumen.
    Equivalent to (or slightly exceeds) a 20W halogen, but the light is spread over ~110° (very wide) - good for recessed ceiling lights but not for spot fixtures.
    Use it if you have DC power supply in your system, or fit a rectifier after the transformer. The bulb is polarized - if it doesn't work, plug it the other way.
  • warm yellowish lite bulb

    posted by alex263

    - not blinding, as the light source is distributed over the surface- no sharp shades- much like an oldie 40 Watt bulb
    Plate soldering quality looks odd - like its soldered by hand. Gets warm after some time. The reflector itself is useless as the leds are mounted in front of it - on a flat plate
    Vintage-style light bulb, may be used for some decoration, or backlight. Guess, these hardly can compete with cree
  • good lighting

    posted by vashkaz

    Good, solid, bright light for its priceAbove average build qualitySaves lots money on electricity in long run compared to halogens, especially if you have a lot of them :)Brightness is somewhere between 20W and 35W halogen bulb
    Maybe a little less value in Lumens-per-Watt than more expensive products, but you can't demand more for such a price :)Brightness is somewhere between 20W and 35W halogen bulb
    Good product for decent price

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