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led bulb e27 8w warm

On this page, you can find a wide selection of led bulb e27 8w warm. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. led bulb e27 3200k warm or led bulb e27 5w warm contains many hot and popular products. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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led bulb e27 8w warm Customers Reviews

  • Very good buy, bright, efficient

    posted by cyriusbe

    Have bought several of them.
    Used for bedroom, with other ones.
    Omnidirectional light
    Not heating too much (40°c after several hours)
    As photo of other shown, can be dismounted easily, so good for modding.
    I not enough for big places, bedroom, bathroom is ok.
    Will buy some other for replacement of old economic bulb when they will be down.
    very good buy, buzzing sound is not a problem for me, and the bulb has proved to work flawlessly for months
  • LED for safety and economy

    posted by mabiteam

    First it is an LED bulb, much more environmental friendly than low energy bulbs and even need less energy than those. Second it is a 3500k warm white light, perfect for everywhere in the house or office.Third it does not heat, as desklamp this can present a big advantage.
    Normally LED should be better, but I see no significant difference in light emission between this 8W LED and an 8W low energy bulb.I have changed 8 of my low energy bulbs against LED ones, and I plan to order more. Normally they should last some years, but this has been promised by the expensive low energy bulbs too, but did work not in my house nor at those who I know.I hope that LED gets cheaper with time.
    I only can recommend this 8W LED bulb.
  • great light

    posted by Glennpedersen

    great LED light emitter, almost fits a standard E 27 light socket, send out a light that are close to a 40 Watt fluorescent light
    i thought it didn't worked at first, but the problem was that the E27 socket didn't really fit with the LED.
    all in all a great LED light for the money i had to give four times as much if i wanted one from denmark.thanks againg Deal Extreme for being so cheap.
  • good

    posted by FlameHeap

    * very bright (it noticeably brighter than 60W incandescent lamp, maybe because of its unidirectional construction);* quite a small size for unidirectional light bulb of such brightness;* can be rotated for almost 270 degrees.
    weak packaging was totally destroyed during delivery, but the bulb itself remain undamaged.
    if you need bright and compact unidirectional led bulb and its greenish light doesn't scare you, - it's a good choice.

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