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Welcome to our led blue diy online shop. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. You can also browse 12v blue led and cree blue led. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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led blue diy Customers Reviews

  • Stylish, great quality

    posted by Perkeleh

    Good quality, nice price. Optional LED-connection (see "Other Thoughts") and a bit fancy with the lid and all :p
    To make the LED glow all the time - connect (+) to (3) under (ON)text and (-) to the one at the side of the (OFF)text.
    To make the LED only glow when the switch is ON - connect (+) to (1) under (OFF)text instead of (3)
    Quality is good, price is good, the look is good. Why not buy it?
  • Very good toggle switch at reasonable price

    posted by vishwaschettri

    Very good to look at, decent build quality. LED function is very good, reminds me to flick it off. I am using two of them in my car, one for music system amp and another for extra cooling fan.No issues so far.
    Would have appreciated if the product came in a box with a wiring diagram and specifications mentioned.But at this cost it is a good buy.
    If needed I would definitely buy it again from DX
  • ---Unique item for tunning ------

    posted by lordseiya

    Real unique Switch to modify your vehicle and tun it. The leds are really bright, and the material, on a miracle, is GREAT!
    If you enjoy car tunning, and need to often turn on and off some stuff like Lamps, Leds, Lasers, Audio systems and so on, buy it
    you wont regret after buying this, trust me ;Darrived really soon and ive already installed it
  • Good looking and CHEAP!!!

    posted by stefan369

    It's small and it is very lightweight.It shines very bright blue.It has a sticky bottom so you can place it even upside-down in a computer-case.The light strip is long enough to light-up one side of a case.The power-connecter allows more of those light strips on top of eachother.And as always it's very cheap.
    Use a seperate power cord that you have left to make sure it gets enough power and doesn't cut off other HDD's or CD-ROM's power.
    It's a real nice way to make your PC look cooler and a real cheap one too, so buy this!
  • Good quality with an exception

    posted by ebpDoug

    Good image quality (keeping in mind resolution), with adjustable color, contrast, brightness. Low power consumption (2.5W). Circuit board very nicely made.Screen is covered with peel-off protective material.
    See my comments in Forum for this item.
    Nice little monitor module. I'm assuming the short-circuit in the one I received is a rare occurrence.

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