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led 7 Customers Reviews

  • Good for general lighting

    posted by Rusdy

    - Good quality heatsink: no burrs, no sharp edges
    - 3500K as it said
    - Frosted acrylic makes it good for soft lighting
    - Skinny and longer GU10 base -> this is IMPORTANT as lots of other GU10 bulbs (such as SKU80747 has short and stubby GU10 base, this will not fit to some GU10 housing!!)
    - Oversized heatsink (only warm after 3 hours of operation)
    - Brighter than my 9W compact fluoro GU10
    - If you want general omni-directional lighting, then buy this one
    - Definitely not for spot lighting
    - Definitely not a direct replacement for GU10 halogen due to size
    Dear DX,
    Please provide the bulb housing (with its excellent heatsink), also with the driver, as a bulb DIY kit.
    Oh, and please please please sell them with 4000K option, as I will definitely buy them.
    Your loyal customer
  • Works good for the price

    posted by Yamhp

    Cheap, flashlight metal material, cree led, hear light ok quality. The flashlight is really good but the cree led is small but the intensity of light is just ok
    Its much more better that All 5 led flashlight that you see on dx. Back light is just ok
    Good cost benefit relationship
  • Nice, cheap LED bulb

    posted by teampuds

    Low powerusage.After I turn the light off, it leaves a lowlevel light for some hours (haven't timed it yet). At first I thought there was something wrong with my switch or socket, but then I re-read the box it came in, and after trying several different lamps, I figured it was a feature, not a bug.It functions as a nightlamp for kids some hours after you turn it off, which can be useful.
    If you want to switch your old incandescent bulb with equivalent and not notice the different light after, go look for a bulb with lower Colour temperature (around 3500K, instead of this 6500K).Otherwise, it's a good buy.
  • Nice white lights

    posted by Ajnabi

    White light. Looks good. Stick-on strip for easy installation.
    All the parts on the box were not present inside.
    They are relatively cheap and they look alright. Its a good buy
  • Great as a darkroom light!

    posted by eertomat

    - Pure red- Not too bright- Doesn´t get hot- Low energy consumption compared to other types of red darkroom bulbs.- Probably also quite durable- Ok build quality
    I was looking for a cheap red darkroom lamp and ordered this one. It works perfectly, has just the right color and necessary low brightness for the job. Much cheaper than dedicated darkroom bulbs.
    Very good as a darkroom lamp, or for mood lighting but not really bright enough for most other purposes

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