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You'll find the best led 600 lumen for you here. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Customers who purchased led 600 lumen also viewed led flashlight lumen, 10w led lumen. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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led 600 lumen Customers Reviews

  • Perfect voor camper,s !

    posted by nokowow

    very good light a little purplish blue but good enough.Not Super hard white color.Fits perfectly into a readlamp of the Hella brand thatupstairs in my vw t4 camper bedroom.The assembly is easy and requires no technical skillvery good packaging and instructions.
    dx good product and good price.Hope he will do it for a long time.
    send my more...!!whaHope he will do it for a long time.in hole Europa.
  • WOW

    posted by algspd

    It is VERY bright, with 8 meters you can fully shine a 6x3.5m room without problem.It is easy to mount on the roof but i would recommend to use a overhead lights with a translucent sheet to avoid the leds dazzle you.Theoretically, it cant fuse (for a lot of years). You can switch it on and off the times you want (depending on the power supply).
    This strip is a very good replacement for incandescent or even low-consumption light bulbs (it gets about 1/3 power than los-consumption bulbs)
    Replace incandescent lights with this.
  • good pair of DRL's

    posted by minitruck

    Light output in normal mode is good. Different modes; Full Power On, dimmed 30 % with headlights on, indicator / turn signal function and "coming home" feature. The indicator function is exactly what I was looking for! When connecting to the flasher relay one of the lights flash, the other stays on. When you turn your indicator off, it go back on within a couple of seconds
    With my shipment there was no manual included.. I'm smart enough to figure out how to wire it up, but there should be at least a wiring schematic included.
    Red = permanent power (30)
    Black = ground (31)
    White = parking light sensing
    Blue = left indicator sensing
    Brown = right indicator sensing
    There is voltage sensing in the control box, when you turn the engine off, the voltage goes down and the lights turn off
    Nice pair of LED DRL's which actually emit enough light to be useful during daytime. And that is exactly what they are mend to do. They are a bit to high in color temperature for my liking, 4500K would have been better..
  • Very bright flashlight for the money...

    posted by BaCtuZ

    The output from the three Cree emitters are even better than I expected when I orderd this light. And unlike user " Challenged " wrote in his review, I find this light a lot brighter than the Cree 250 lumens lights. I also have many Ultrafire lights with both the Q5 and the R2 emitters and find this flashlight to be a lot brighter than those.
    It is actually brighter than my Aurora Aurora AK-P7-5 HA-III SSC P7-C "900 lumens" light. (sku 15692)
    But that it is 600 lumens as is says? I don't think so, but about 350-400? Yes...
    A very good thrower this one. Nice beam that is tight and round.
    User "Challenged" also commented that this light only takes 1 x 18650 batteries. I tried with 2 x CR123A and it worked perfectly, and that is nice since the C123A batteries are so much cheaper to buy :)
    A little heavy and big compared to the unsual one-emitter lights, and hard to fit in the pocket of your pants etc. But the extra output in light is worth the challenge :)
    I like it!
    A much better flashlight than I expected...
    Recommended :)
  • replacement bright light

    posted by powelder

    i replaced all of the spots in my sis house for these bulbs instead of the fifty watt spot light bulbs that were there from when house was first built.she likes the bright light bulbs as compared to the soft yellow ones that i replaced my own house with.she is very pleased with the results ,the brightness is extremely bright and very white which is what she wanted.also the bulb feels solid and not cheap.
    i will be ordering another ten or so of these bulbs soon .that is how much we like them
    great light and spread and would def recommend but need to be little cheaper

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