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led 50w Customers Reviews

  • nice 2100mA led driver

    posted by yrnkrn

    Cheap price and works well. Can easily drive five, six, seven, eight XM-L in series with 2300mA current. It can drive nine XM-L as well, but the current is lower at 2100mA which indicates this is just a bit too much.
    As usual, output wires are too thin for this current.
    Nice driver, buy it.
  • Perfect match for SKU66382

    posted by chrisal

    - It delivers the exact power needed for High Power Leds Modules ratings as SKU66382.
    - It is very small (I thought it was larger !)
    - it accept major AC lines all over the world
    - It has a pilot LED onboard that confirms it is working
    -It is the perfect match for SKU66382 or equivalent. -Dont try to do power supplies yourself, it is already available! Get this unit.
    -Necessary some skills for completing the assembly. it is a perfect component for LED lightning.
  • Good for DIY Floodlight

    posted by ARYcave

    Very bright LED. Brightness stays good between 14 and 20V. I would compare it as it is brighter than 21W Xenon HID. With or without collimator lens it provides spotless bright flood - good for video. However it will be hard to make a spot from it.
    Will not work at 12V. Better if used w/collimator lens. If ever driver will be available for this unit it should include trigger switch and FET onboard - so it will be using the same heat disspator. Requires massive heat sink perhaps even with an ability to run liquid cooling agent. I was able to feed it thru MOSFET but it requires (again) massive radiator so perhaps relay commutation is a way to go.
    Awesome product to play with.
  • bright as hell

    posted by ronald1705

    It is bright as the sun and you can illuminate bigger rooms without any difficulty. Outdoor it reaches about 50m in a wide angle without any optics. The colortemperature is as expected.
    It hurts to look directly at the light, even 20 minutes after.
    If you need it, buy it. sku.47304 is a good Driver for it.
    And donnot forget to get a big heatsink.
  • Absolutely ludicrous amount of light

    posted by jsnider

    Purchased with SKU 39974 and SKU 12834, together they make an absolutely ludicrous amount of light.
    Be warned, shield your eyes.
    Would make a great light over a work bench.
    I purchased this to experiment with replacing projector bulbs with cheaper, longer lasting units. Effectiveness will depend on the projector used, compact portable projectors are difficult as they have too small an area for catching light to use an unfocused light, SKU 12834 is the incorrect style of lens to focus the light beam.
    Unbelievable light output but cooling needs to be considered very carefully.

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