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led 5050 4w

Every single led 5050 4w displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX also offers coupon discounts as high as 50% for products on the dx website, offering you huge savings! led 5050 72w, 5050 blue led may be more suitable for you. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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led 5050 4w Customers Reviews

  • The most warm LEDs

    posted by Alc0r

    These lamps are really good. They have nice build quality. The emitted light is strong and leaves you a warm feeling. They work perfectly without any noticeable flaw.
    I will order more of the same kind in case I need replacements, but I think I won't need replacements for a long period of time.
    I will recommend these lamps to anyone who wants a warm LED light. They work good and you will enjoy them!
  • Cheap and simply Lightbulb

    posted by Radast

    It is cheap and fairly glowing bulb, which is approximately the same size as normal. 24 SMD LED is giving relatively strong white light that enough shine good in small and medium rooms. The design is simple.
    After approx. half year of repair this bulb is still work.
  • Very brigth

    posted by Erezoh

    Excellent brightness and easy to install with the supplied conectors.I replaced a 10 watts lamp and it provides a better ligth, with a fraction of power consumed. Now I can read a book inside the car without any trouble.
    The original lamps used in my car (10Watts, and others 4 of 3 Watts each) destroy the on-off key due to the high current. With this lamp I provide more life to the key.
    Nice accesory to "renew" your car and provide a different looking.
  • Daylight running lights: good choice!

    posted by idemdito

    Looks good build, I think its waterproof, even at the leads entry . Per LED 3 LED-chips. I can't measure but compared with other LEDs I have, it's both a nice white color and more than enough Lumens to function as DLR. Case is good quality plastic and lens is real bright-clear. Lens is carrying E4 marking. After 30 minutes operation on my desk it wasn't running hot, I would say less than 25C.
    Better or right description for those 2 extra leads for turning / half-brightness. I checked: Yellow to +12V is lighting 10 orange LEDs while all whites are off: just simply connecting to the turn-light connection. When connecting the Yellow lead to the +12V, one row of whilte LEDs is switched off. Perfect!
    For $ 28,30 it is the best DLR I could find with plenty of Lumens to be seen - and that is the purpose!
    Next to that those options as Turn-light and Half power! Buy-It! Good Choice!!
  • Above average bulbs.

    posted by kojo1984

    Front magnifier really enhances light. It's brighter than I expected.LEDs look pretty good.Bought 2 pairs, installed it in Fiat Bravo MkII (Bravo is reporting an CANBUS error) and Alfa Romeo 159 (Alfa reported an error, but error dissapeared after a few seconds)
    A bought a lot of these LED lights, but this lights are the best so far.
    Would buy it again, but now i will try with even stronger LEDs.

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