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  • nice, but no dimmable

    posted by linuxforever

    Bright and diffused light. Inside bulb you can find LED driver - polarity not matters. Can be easily established in the holder from a halogen lamp after its small redesigning.
    If you want to use a dimmer, you should cut out DCDC the converter and sold LEDs directly to contact pins. Remember about polarity after this procedure!
    If you don't like to solder and don't use dimmer, this bulb your choice. Its bright diffused light will perfectly shine the necessary site of a room.
  • A Great Spot

    posted by paulomauricio

    No more imagination to realize that LED lighting is here to stay. But until recently the light power was always less than the desired. This spot shows that something is changing. The light emitted by it can be compared to the spots that use dichroic lamps, with the advantage to generate much less heat and consume less power. In addition, the estimated time of life is much greater than that of conventional lamps
    Be sure to start experimenting LED bulbs at home and feel that in addition to efficient are also very economical.
    Note that there are different shades of light, named "color temperature". Some lamps emit white light, others a light more yellow (or warm) like the incandescent lamps. Choose the best suited to his purposes.
  • The most warm LEDs

    posted by Alc0r

    These lamps are really good. They have nice build quality. The emitted light is strong and leaves you a warm feeling. They work perfectly without any noticeable flaw.
    I will order more of the same kind in case I need replacements, but I think I won't need replacements for a long period of time.
    I will recommend these lamps to anyone who wants a warm LED light. They work good and you will enjoy them!
  • Expensive lights

    posted by Ernestass

    Could be if these lights would suit my car. For example they would consume much less power which would save your fuel. NOT that you can measure, but nature would be thankful I guess.
    Interesting lamps, but I did not get to use them. They are to big for my cars lamps.
    Comparing price it is not so expensive, because in local automotive stores these prices reach the sky.
  • Go for it …it is worth it …

    posted by Nickfr

    Finally the "graal" of led lighting as finally been found …fairly good lighting …and finally a real white warm color …for a corrected price … Go for itI have experienced trough the years plenty of 12v GX5.3 or MR16 led from 1w to 5 watts and I had never found a good replacement for a 20w or 35w halogen GX5.3 or MR16 … all looked very dim gloomy or murky…and very aggressive white…Today thanks to DX I found a bright white warm powerful satisfying replacement for the halogen bulb ..it is actually brighter than a 35w halogen but not as bright as a 50 watts…and for only 10% of the power consumption. And is has a very nice warm glow …
    I would recommend it to a friend …or family…
    Go for it …it is worth it …


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