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  • Nice

    posted by brahmann

    This module is ‘Plug and play’. Just connect it to a power source, set the time and that’s it. It works as expected, as a nice little clock module for my DIY project. The module has 4 function modes, that you can select by pressing a button on top 1. Time,2. Temp, 3. Voltage an 4. alternating these 3 modes every 3 seconds.Plug n play, works as expected, nice little clock module for DIY. 4 Modes, Time, Temp, Voltage and alternating these 3 every second.
    The 2 Buttons for setting time etc are on top, front would be better, but soldering points are The display colour of the display I got delivered is not yellow, but red. (Well, this is not really a con if color doesn't matter)The 2 Buttons for setting time and function mode are on top, buttons at the front would be better for integration into a housing, but soldering points are accessible.accessible.
    Works as expected, very easy to use. Good quality.
  • Good device for diagnostic

    posted by calinrett

    The PCI 4-Digit PC Motherboard Repair/Troubleshoot/Diagnostic Card with Mobo Status LEDs is a very useful tool, especially for those in need. And I mean, that not everybody buys stuff like this. As a tool, it doesn't have a match..yet. And in my country..you don't find them on the streets, to say it like that.
    I bought it, it's good and useful, it's worth much more than it is. Don't hesitate to take it.
  • Works Great

    posted by Thecaba100

    Works great :D Small holds for screws. I tested it on at Car batterie and it showed me how much Volt there was. I like the digits easy to see because of the size.
    Cant say much pictures says it all :) It took very short time for me to get it. Only 2 weeks.
    I really like it got 4 digits it was just what is needed.
  • Nice 4 digit display.

    posted by DrJFM

    Only takes 2 wires to use. Mine was a Catalex as shown. Had seen some complaints about these devices from various sources, but no problems with this one.Used: http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/Grove_-_4-Digit_Display for trial sketchs and nice timer routine too.
    Surprised how accurate a clock you get with just the UNO crystal and no correction. Wanted to do something each day at a time +/- a couple of min.If I have to adjust the "clock" once a week, no big deal.
    Ordered a couple more! Will try w ATTiny.
  • Great gadget for geeks.

    posted by Brepta

    Simple, relatively small and primitive to use.Accuracy not tested, but looks usable.Clear plastic case looks great.
    Symbols: u means U, A is A.Waiting for your favorite number is ugly.Will be nice to select/switch display mode by button and use full 4 digits for V and A measurement.
    Microcontroller processor can't be identified, has no label on case.I will try to reprogram it.

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