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You can find fashionable led 3500k at a low price. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. You can also browse e14 3500k led and 1w led 3500k. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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led 3500k Customers Reviews

  • This is very bright buld, but long size

    posted by mulcek2

    This led is much brighter than stock bulb. Used it on a Ford Mondeo MK3 front parking w5w light and cabin front seats leg room.Warm white color is equal to main lights (no problem with street regulations). I like slot like led base as it is way easier to install (no wires bending). Nice amber color & led look.
    Hope they will last because of heat from main lights. Mondeo mk3 has separate compartment for parking bulbs so this is less of an issue.
    Very bright, proper warm white, hope they last.
  • A 21st Century Lightbulb

    posted by DendoRacing

    Easily automates the lights in your house. Sensitivity is good with a decent angle and range. Includes a light sensor so the lights do not come on during the day. Stylish design that looks better than a normal light bulb.
    Finally the light bulb has entered the 21st century. We have a multi-story house with many stairs and corridors. By installing these light bulbs I am able to safely walk from top to bottom without touching a light switch.
    A modern and stylish light bulb that will automate your house.
  • Good replacement for bulb...

    posted by JoaoRibas

    Smooth light, very similar to the 40W bulb I used to have. The E14 is good, not loose on the socket. I don't have means to measure the lumens or the power at home.
    I have it only for a month or so, must wait some time to check on durability, since it is considerably more expensive than regular E14 bulb. Not sure if the exposed metal pads of the Leds could hurt, but I am not testing it and I installed it high on the wall to avoid contact.
    So far I'm satisfied.
  • Not Perfect Quality.

    posted by freeform

    Pair this with the remote IR switch and you've got yourself a cheap very cool looking light.
    I have 2 of these in my apartment, I used to have 2 before in an old house, behind tv's etc - the quality of those was better.. I'm a little worried that dust or something might get into these and short it out or something. It's great for a cheap project, but nothing professional.
    Buy it if you want a cheap LED strip light.
  • Works great

    posted by stefan1984

    Works like it should beBuld quality isn't poor
    The 420lm is like a 40W normal light bulb, so it is perfect for use in i.e. a toilet or a small bathroom.I have ordered three of these LED lights. Two were perfect, but with one light the glue that holds the LED's in place did came loose. Did fix it with some new glue and it works great.The pro-side of the broken one is that I could see how it is inside. It's basically two wires that go to a converter to (I think) 3,3 or 5 Volt. From there there goes two wires to the LED's.At last I would like to apologise for my bad English, but I hope everyone knows what I meant with this short review.

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