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led 3200k Customers Reviews

  • Excelent Price/quality choice.

    posted by gonzagallo

    Fits very Well in every 5 cm spot light. Very well built. Correct K and lumen rating. I am very happy wiyh this product. I replaced 50 W halogen, and although it is not exactly the same, they work fine. Nice light coverage, there are no black spaces. And the best is its extremely low consumption.
    Construction is a plus. Nice finishing. They look nice even in not covered devices.
    I replaced lightning in the bathroom. Used to have three 50 w halogen bulbs. Totaling 150 w. Now only 10,5 w. It is not exactly the same, but enough.
    Excelent product for this price. I really recomend.
  • A real Warm white LED

    posted by Dexamol

    The color is like a 20-50W halogen lamp, pretty bright, well made LED. 700mA driver required (2 amc7135)
    Have 2 ways of installation to the star:1) soldering the heat transfer "plate" of the LED to the star (the bottom of the led) - The difficult way, but has much higher heat transfer eff.2) applying thermal grease in the middle of the "plate" and soldering only the "contacts" of the led. - The easy way, but have lower heat transfer eff.This driver may be used: http://www.dealextreme.com/p/quality-amc7135-700ma-regulated-circuit-board-for-diy-flashlights-20-pack-3146
    If you can manage the soldering of the led to the star and want to get warm white flashlight - Buy it!
  • A good reading light

    posted by davo44

    This light is the best I have purchased to date. The color temperature is very close to an incandescent light and is very good as a reading light. Build appears to be good also.
    This is the fourth model of this type of LED light that I have purchased. Others have been too dim or poor color (too blue/white). This one has a good bright light and is easy on the eyes!
    If you are looking for a good reading light, this is the one to purchase.
  • Powerfull

    posted by jiggajigga

    I wanted to test that LED bulb to see if the "1260"lm was right. And I'm not disapointed !it produce a very powerful light, with a very natural warm wavelenght. I realy appreciate that . Moreover it's just 8W so you can make big savings.
    All the LEDs are connected in series, so if one dies then the bulb is out of order so you have too look for the deffective LED in order to replace it. this operation can take a lot of time when there are many led on the bulb. But I don't think that a LED is gonna die before a long ime.
    This is a very bright LED bulb that I really appreciate
  • Bright Lamp

    posted by dzenizo

    Highly efficient, direct replacement for candelabra bulbs. For a big candelabra, you will save a lot of money.Works with a wide range of voltage, like 90-250 volts.
    Haven't found a similar one with an E12 base. E14 is the one used in Europe and Asi, E12 is used in USA and some parts of South America, Anyways, I'm planning on using an E12-E14 adapter (one for each bulb)
    Replace all your bulbs!

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