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led 3 aa Customers Reviews

  • Small and strong flashlight

    posted by vojtazaremba

    Strong shine, very small dimensions, nice appearance, zoom function, possibility clipped to a belt, power on 1xAA Battery.
    These lamps I ordered several pieces, some came in fine, others had visible scratches in the aluminum alloy and in one switch does not work. Fortunately, I had a problem with complaints. I think it's one of the most powerful lamps in my size for a reasonable price. I do not like Battery life on one AA Battery.
    I recommend that fits in every pocket and purse.
  • HUGE

    posted by ptorres82

    Ok, I already have cameras so I got this to blend in with the others and find out that this is really big compared to the real ones I have. I does look like a camera and very tricky for anyone not to think its fake. So I have to give it that, it looks real.
    The light is fine, however with all the fake cameras out there I'm sure people will be able to tell its fake. Thats fine, I just wont add the batteries to it. It is actually nice to have.
    I would have bought a different one to blend in with my others if I would have taken the time to look at the dimensions of the product but still happy.
  • Good instrument at a good price

    posted by ebpDoug

    - good build quality- performs well
    The overall build quality is very good. There is a bit of very minor mottling of the case surface. The circuit board is very good, with a mix of surface mount and through-hole components. The surface mount soldering is first-rate. The through-hole components have been hand soldered. The flux from the hand soldering remains on the PCB, but it is clear and colorless, and should be of no concern.It is easy to get a good reading at half a metre or more.The switch must be held while reading, but the switch can be accidently pressed while the meter is in the case.It would be nice if there was threaded socket for tripod mounting. It is hard to watch the positioning of the laser and the display at the same time.The very tall, narrow digits are neither easier nor harder to read than much shorter digits would be - just a little odd.The memory function shows at time TEST button released, and the highest and lowest values from the most recent reading. The values are stepped through as the MEM
    a nice insturment at a good price
  • Good light, but not 200 lumens

    posted by naughtybreath

    Battery block separated from light module
    Normal beam
    A small lateral illumination
    Uses AA batteries
    Build quality is very good, it has rubber spacers.
    After 3 hours of countinuos work at full power radiator inside light module was very hot.
    Looks like really waterproof.
    I use this light for ride from work to home, and it solves well this problem.
    I think, it may be used like DIY-part because build quality is very good, and it's waterproof, but diod cooling is not very good.
  • Flexible three stage light

    posted by CombatControl

    This light has good quality construction with the exception of the top switch, on all three examples I bought the rubber guard is slightly off-center.The light is very bright on high, the low setting throws a good beam as well. On flash it will dazzle anyone on the other end and would make a good signaling light. The surprise is the strong magnet on the bottom that will hold it in place very well on a metal surface.
    Handy size, fill the hand but no too much. Can be held in off and for pistol use much like more expensive lights with the same capabilities.
    Good light for general use, very good price.

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