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  • Warm white 2 Watt emitters

    posted by lasermanathome

    These 2 watt emitters can have twice the current as the one watt version , mostly used in ledbulbs for your home.They heat a little less up than the one watt version, the efficiency is comparable.So when you let them work together, (serie and/or parallel, you can make them suitablefor every VDC between 80 and 4 volt with a 40 W poweruse and 3600 Lumen.That is quite a lot of light/These emitters require a good cooling, if they become hot , the expected MTBF goes down VERY fast.The lightcolor shelve is nice and homogeneno noticeable difference in color was seen by the individual emitters to the others.
    Watch out not to mix them with the one watt version, at 700mA they die , the 2 watts stay alive.It is not so easy to determinate them from one watters (I had sold both) but I could see that the goldwires inside the two watts was double , the one watt single It was sometimes difficult to see.
    Nice emitters, have the same efrficiency as the big emitters but you can choose voltage by construction, the big Leds are voltage fixed and sometimes strange.Watch the cooling and a little cooling pasta/compound under the led will increas the dissipation.Always use currentlimiting with leds, the nice thing is that the colour keeps the same when you lower the current even till about 10%, so the lightoutput can be regulated in a wide range.DX sells good drivers for all their leds, in my experience, it is best to use them and important, use the right one!!
  • Great and Brigth if it work

    posted by GBASP

    It is brighter than an incandecent bulb for the same application, but doesn't get as hot, and use a lot less energy. Very responsive (turns on much faster than the regular bulbs)
    If your car have a brake light failure sensor then it will report there is a fail bulb, what you can do is by pass that failure sensor or add a 10O-12O resistor to the circuit. And for me I've to disable the hi-mount brake light in order to have the low power (5w) run on these bulb, if not only the high power (21W) will work (brake on).
    These are great and bright bulb if it work, in order to use it some mod might need to be done on your car.
  • Good quality, good color

    posted by Loner911

    Have bought more than 10 pieces of this bulb. So far color is quite consistant. Much brighter than any T10 bulbs I have used and color output is very close to a standard tungsten bulb. Lesser heat emitted from the bulbs too.
    First purchase was 6 months ago and bulb still functions well. Price is a bit higher though as compared to other available warm white LED in DX
    Good bulbs!
  • Good LED's at a fair price

    posted by Josh101

    If you need allot of LED's for a project or to repair something, you cant go wrong with these. All worked and were not damaged. Color output is even and good.
    For the price this is a decent buy. good LED's at a fair price. Should be enough for any project. Its a bag full of LED's not much else to say.
    Buy them, go on, do it.
  • White 1-LED 150-Lumen

    posted by cruze007

    Looks great. The quality of manufacture of super. No where have not seen such bright leds. Super bright light
    Find a use for his car in the other
    Thank You

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