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  • Nice Led board

    posted by elpelikano

    Good qualityGood thermal conductorGood priceGood finishEasier to solder with 1W leds
    Useful for connecting several board and get a high illumination.
    Ideal for use with a heatsink. I recommend using silicone grease
  • Strong

    posted by Maxfree

    Very strong red colored light for all kind of tail light uses. Saves lots of power and looks cool.
    I Installed them instead of my fog bulbs. The normal bulbs takes lots of power when I turn them on. They spread the light in three direction as you can see from the image I have uploaded which looks cool.
    Those are the best if you needed a red led light for use as any light except break.Get them.
  • Great replacement of traditional light bulbs

    posted by mythic1

    -Great replacement of incandescent light-Polarity doesn't matter. It lights either way-White bright light and great light output-Low power consumption.-Doesn't get hot due to heat sink on back of the item-Light doesn't flicker when it's powered up,IF you have a car with dimmer lights-Easy installation. You cannot screw it up.
    -One piece out of 6 arrived a little bent, but it still worked. For this I recommend selling it in a little box/protection.
    I recommend it to everyone. You think traditional lighting is enough, but when you see this clear white light, you will be amazed!
  • Easy to use and works alright

    posted by remmie80

    - Easy to use- It works- It is not to big
    I use it to monitor the charge rate of my battery for my portable radio, so it works good enough for me and easily because I build in a cigarette lighter.
    Good product, but nothing special and not very accurate. The voltage changes all the time (not big differences) so if you need a very accurate reading this is not a product you should buy. But it does the job for me because I just have to know my battery doesn't go under 11,4 volt.
  • Super handy, low consuption meter

    posted by IvarForkbeard

    This little guy is bright, consumes very little power, is large enough to read from across a room, but small enough to wedge into a small corner.
    I use this as a quick and dirty battery monitor on my off-grid batteries. It seems to disagree with the voltage from my meter, but consistently so (always .1V lower), so I get use to it. The cable is rather short, so I have it wired directly to the battery bank, and sitting on a battery for quick reading. If the leads are wired backwards, it won't display, no biggie.
    Handy for off-grid solar, I don't see why anyone would want it for a vehicle though.


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