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The led 220v your looking for is one of our top sellers. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. Find more hot gadgets at 6500k led 220v and led 8w 220v. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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led 220v Customers Reviews

  • Great item, fantastic price.

    posted by oimorrigan

    A great item.Nice warm colour to the light, not "LED-blue" in any way.Comes with a 22V flat-pin plug (no need for a LED driver).Fantastic price.
    I just bought two more!You just cannot beat the price. The 600-700 lm/m strip I compared it to costs more than ten times more (in Sweden).
    Hopefully it is as waterproof as advertised - if so you cannot go wrong with this one (or the 5 m ones).
  • A prictical LED light

    posted by ilanaed

    Provides a nice, directed light. Color is pretty good. Not real daylight, and not like a real incandescent bulb (naturally), but, still a reasonably pleasant white light. Good for a desk lamp focused on one spot. Very reasonably priced.
    No telling how long the bulb will last, as it is brand new. I intend to keep trying other, similar bulbs, hoping for one that is reasonably priced, but, stronger for my desk lights.
    This bulb is a good indication of how much progress there is in LED lighting today. It is a real, practical, replacement for a wide faced, incandescent, desk light bulb.
  • Quite good

    posted by Trrom

    Absolutely easy use (you only change bulb)Very small size (smaller then bulb)When lights is quite cold (you can hand-held when lighting)Start immediately (not like some Fluorescent light bulb with long start-up)Quite good price in Czech rep.
    I replaced two 40 Watt regular bulb by two this LED bulb. Now there is less light and is tinted blue
    For its color can only hardly replace the regular bulb.
  • what you see is what you get.

    posted by break22

    Energy saver, perfect spot to light up painting or art.The 3led light produces a lot less heat, compared with "halogen" spot.The following revieuw is in dutch:Perfecte energie zuinige halogeen vervanger.De lichtopbrengst is te vergelijken met 40 watt halogeen en is iets meer gebundeld.
    Better than "normal energy saver" lightbulb.LED light is the light of tomorrow.So they wil become cheaper in the store, until than you can order them at deal extreme and save dollars in purchase and energy consumption.
    perfect GU 10 halogeen replacement light bulb. Same size as a 50 watt halogen lightbulb.The following revieuw is in dutch:goede vervanger met een hoge lichtopbrengst goedkoper dan hier vind je ze voorlopig niet in nederland..
  • Very useful item

    posted by turrin

    This item has a considerable length (about 5 m long) and I was able to put behind the furniture, so there was a soft illumination in the room. My idea was to try to simulate natural light (it was an interior place).Another thing to say about it is that it doesn't get warm, and it only needs 24 W to light!
    The room looks greater now!! It can be used also for people to see the path in a dark place...
    I am very happy with this product.

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