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led 200lm Customers Reviews

  • Eti

    posted by etylinek

    It seems is really 200 lumenVery good product, very good price. Very good and warm light. Seems really strong, not cheap plastic. Small size is really nice. Very well boxed, arrived at no extra time.
    They're a great utility light, but probably not up to the task of lighting an entire room (unless you use an array of them).Really pleased with product, I will buy more, when I need this kind of light. Really recommend!
  • Good flashlight. The price is also good

    posted by olea0307

    The flashlight Is small and very bright. It has 3 modes bright, brighter and strobe. it has a Focus and is over alll good. Its good to have when you're on trips to the woods or to have home.
    Got mine in about 3 weeks. The focus is either wide og small.
    I recommend this product.
  • Very good LED lamp. -

    posted by 1Alamo

    Projects whiter light than expected, it shows good workmanship, nice design, I think it complies well with the specifications. -
    If not for the delay caused by the customs of my country (Argentina), definitely buy more, it seems a very good product, I can only see the performance, but that only can be seen with the use and over time. -
    A good product, offers good white light, so I highly recommend it, consider consumption 3 w not upload more pictures because you teach well is to product, so far very happy.-
  • Excellent quality of construction

    posted by Neomaxis

    The lamp is very well built and finished. the plastic does not seem to be very cheap. The lighting is in concordance with what he says in the publication. The color of the light is very white but almost bluish. The relationship between consumption in watts and the lighting is excellent. Consumes 4 times less than the compact fluorescent lamp low power I had before in that location.
    At the moment, between price, quality, lighting and useful life, it seems like a great purchase. We'll see how it performs over the months or years.
    If you have a long lamp on and want to reduce consumption, one such model can serve you perfectly.
  • Powerfull flashlight, with potent zoom!

    posted by ixsolar

    I have several flashlights like this, but the others don't have the same performances like this.The zooming is very easy of manipulate and very very usefull.Is very powerfull for a flashlight with 3 AAA batteries. It has several modes, and it is very easy changing between them (this is very usefull and incommon on other similar flashlights).
    I don't really need the red ring lighting around the flashlight, but is very curious.
    I can recomend it, sure!

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